Welcome to my little corner of the internet! If you’re a family interested in booking a session with me or just a friend that wants to tag along on my whimsical adventures, this is the place where you can get to know me on a more personal level! I believe in connecting with my clients on a personal level and that one can never have enough friends! This blog is an extension of my boutique photography studio. Just like my personal travel vlogs, my writing here is merely another aspect of sharing who the girl is behind the lens. As a highly creative artist who values self-expression, I enjoy having several outlets to pour my heart and soul into!

But what is my blog really about? Here’s what you can expect around here:


My passion for blogging all started with photography. After a decade of working as an actress, I left show business behind, signed up for a credit card and bought a used camera on Amazon at 21 years old. This led me to embark on a new creative journey that changed my life. Suddenly I found the joy in shadows, depth, contrast and color, and I fell in love with creating stories of love, childhood and the importance of family through imagery. I share my recent portrait sessions here, and I also write about photography / editing tips, tutorials, and all the lessons I learned from running a photography business.


If you’re interested in following alongside me as I travel and live around the world indefinitely, the travel section is for you! You’ll find detailed travel guides for specific countries and cities, as well as my personal stories and photo diaries. I write about how I adjust to each new country that I move to, and you’ll also find my top lists to do in each country I visit, packing guides, and travel tips. If videos are more up your alley, I post personal travel vlogs on my YouTube channel every week!



My absolute favorite articles to write are posts that inspire, uplift and motivate others to love their life. In these posts, I share ways on living from your intuition (as opposed to your ego/mind ) and finding magic in the mundane. I believe there is magic and goodness hidden all around us, in even the simplest things, and it’s just waiting for us to discover it. My hope is to inspire just one person to live courageously, follow their heart, and live a life they’ve always dreamed of. I also sprinkle in some personal posts around the blog to help you get to know me on a more personal level!



This part of the blog includes my adventures training in scuba diving, fostering with my local animal shelter and interviews I’ve had with volunteer organizations and non-profits around the world like BAWA in Bali and Animal Welfare in Egypt. I also try my best to live a zero waste lifestyle.  I care immensely about animals and the environment and believe having compassion for all living creatures means having compassion for ourselves and our planet.

Welcome to my blog!

and I’m thrilled to have you along for the adventure! Let’s keep in touch on InstagramFacebookTwitterBloglovinPinterest and even YouTube.

ALSO! If you’d like to join my free online community, feel free to click here and join! We are a group of like-minded creative artists, with our goal to inspire one another and brainstorm creative ideas before we launch them! We’re all super friendly and supportive, and it’s a safe space to ask for advice, tips and share your stories. 🙂







Welcome to the Helena Woods Blog!

January 1, 2018


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I'm Helena! As a creative storyteller, I document magical moments through my lens and my pen. A lover of childhood, fairytales and natural light, I'm inspired to share the light around me. I'm the ultimate Disney nerd, and I'm obsessed with cats and expressing my love for the simple joys of slow, daily life.

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Helena Woods is a destination newborn and family photographer based in France and New England and travels worldwide. She is known for her natural light, modern classic, and emotive photography style.