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This magical industry is far from saturated, making now the perfect time to join the next generation of astrocartographers. 

(Astrocartographers who practice in total confidence and integrity because they know their stuff!) 

Astrocartography readings are in high demand with not a lot of qualified astrocartographers to fill the gap. 

our planet urgently needs qualified astrocartographers to serve the collective - especially during an online age where misinformation spreads like wildfire.

Do you feel called to join the wave of next-generation astrocartographers? 

My only LIVE course that teaches you everything you need to know to become a confident, thriving astrocartographer. 

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my new Relocation astrology certification course


Scroll on if this resonates.

- B

"I took another course with an astrologer. She's a BIG DEAL on Instagram with a huge following. I took her astrocartography course and thought I had a good amount of knowledge coming into Helena's main course. I didn't....

I wasn't taught anything about paran lines, or relocated charts. I paid well over $1000 and don't even have access to the content anymore.  I think it's disingenuous. I was so upset because I was giving my friends readings with the wrong information. I never would have had the confidence to start charging for my readings if it wasn't for Helena's course. 

I see this unfold over and over again.

astrocartography is a magical tool.

But, using it to tell people where to live without considering all the details can be dangerous..

Plus, self-taught astrocartographers who do offer readings often teach basic, outdated messages and don't charge their worth. 

(Or they're slammed, booked out 6 months, constantly denying people who can't wait for their reading, wishing there was another astrocartographer to refer clients to...) 

People book an astrocartography reading with an underqualified astrologer who doesn't even consider key facets of readings like parans, timing, or relocated charts. 

I am that slammed, booked out 6 months astrocartographer, who's inspired to guide the next generation of Certified Relocation Astrologers! 

My name's Helena Woods.

hello, beautiful

Taught 200+ cosmic students

Lived on 12+ planetary lines (so far!) 

Offered 2000+ readings for kindred spirits 

Lived abroad as a digital nomad for 6+ years

I recently had a total fan-girl moment when I was featured on The Astrology Podcast with Chris Brennan and inside Well & Good magazine. 

A few years ago I decided I was done just 'talking' about astrocartography - it was time for me to walk the walk. So I've traveled the planet chasing Jupiter transits over LA, Iceland, and Estonia, experiencing warmth on my Sun line in Abu Dhabi, teaching my students from my home line in France, and so much more!

I'm living astrocartography in real time, sharing every ounce of cosmic wisdom in my blogs, online courses, and popular YouTube videos. 

I live and breathe astrocartography.

Don't just take my word for it. 

When I first got started as an astrocartographer I was socially awkward and didn't believe I was good enough to work with clients over Zoom. Before each call, I'd prep for 5-6 hours because I didn't trust I knew what I was talking about. 

I spent countless hours hustling, trying to build a reputation. I almost frantically created content, hoping it would attract my next client while relying on word of mouth to sustain my business. 

(Marketing yourself as a newbie astrocartographer isn't easy. 

But once you serve your first 5 clients, word spreads like wildfire, and viola you have a thriving astrocartography business! 

"I've probably done around 35+ readings. And now during client calls, I speak organically in the moment and trust that I know enough about my clients charts to help them. I even made my rent from giving a week's worth of paid readings. 

Coming out of Helena's program I can show you the EXACT neighborhood you could be living in. That's so powerful. 

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No matter your level of astrological wisdom, this Relocation Astrology Certification Course gives you the tools to:

get the chance to be featured as a certified relocation astrologer on my directory so you never struggle to attract paying clients 

build a deep, foundational understanding of astrocartography - starting off with the basics! 

Fully grasp the concept of timing (aka cyclocartography) to level up your readings 

easily navigate fancy solar fire software to give accurate readings

Quickly grow your reputable online astrocartography business and make money from anywhere


show your clients the best places to move using relocated charts


guide people to find magical destinations to live or travel


lead paid readings with authority and confidence 

This course will push you out of your comfort zone. It'll also hold space for you to grow into your astrocartography skills, without judgement.

4 Live Zoom Calls

You receive 4 LIVE Zoom calls with me to ask all of your questions and look at your chart as examples. Plus a ton of business, marketing, and counseling secrets my other courses don't include! 

My students adore our LIVE sessions and constantly experience those "Aha, everything makes sense!" moments on these calls. 

This is my only course with LIVE calls! 

Calls for the 2024 round are scheduled for: June 23rd, June 30th, July 7th, July 14th and August 4th at 9 pm CEST (GMT +2) Paris Time. 

Enrollment is currently closed. Get on the waitlist to be the first to know when enrollment reopens. 

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bonus offer!

I'm nervous and introverted on Zoom calls, there's no way I could do 1:1 readings.

Right now your Imposter Syndrome might be saying...

What if I cause harm by doing this? I don't know if I trust myself to deliver accurate readings..

I'm overwhelmed by all the layers of astrocartography and have zero idea where to begin.

Working for amazing clients anywhere there's WIFI sounds like a dream, but I don't know anything about running my own online business...

i totally understand. 

Place one hand on your heart and one on your stomach. 


Listen to your body and honor your inner voice. 

Honestly, if any of these intrusive thoughts sound familiar, this course is perfect for you. 

To become a Certified Relocation Astrologer, you must pass a 120-question multiple choice assessment test, then submit three sample readings. 

(Don't worry, you have three chances to pass the assessment test.) 

Passing the assessment test removes any lingering self-doubt or imposter syndrome that would usually hold you back from booking real-life clients. It guarantees that you're qualified to deliver accurate readings. 

You become one of the few highly qualified astrocartographers - a next-generation astrocartographer who serves humanity with integrity and excellence.  (Not just some trendy TikTok 'astrologer' who spreads misinformation like wildfire)

How's this course perfect for you? 

"Being associated with Helena and having her "approval" makes you stand out in the crowd because she's truly an expert and she knows so much."

- becky


I can't wait to guide you on your cosmic journey. 

(And there couldn't be a better time since astrocartography readings are in high demand!) 

Tap into your intuition and pick a payment plan that feels aligned with you. 

the possibilities this course could open up in your life...

Travel. Play. Overflow. Freedom. 

"I have been soul searching about astrocartography, bought the books, and followed Helena on YouTube. I really wasn't at a place financially to go for it, but I just took a deep breath and asked...'Should I do this course?'

And it has been SO worth it! The collaborations are beautiful. So many of us have learned such a wealth from her courses."

So who's this course for?     

want to travel and play while running an online business

love learning, expanding & adding tools to their spiritual toolkit 

are ready to go all in to show up as a confident astrocartographer


This Certification Course is     

for people who:      

already use modalities like astrology, human design ®, or gene keys ®

are willing to invest in professional software (like solar fire!) to pass this course

genuinely want to help people, make an impact, and accurately deliver readings

want to dive deep to recognize your worth and the immense value you add to your clients lives 


Helping kindred spirits find aligned locations to find love, progress in their career, connect with community, or settle into a home. 


(An industry that's far from saturated, making now the perfect time to begin!) 

That's what makes this job so

Module 01

So what's inside the course:

Every once of wisdom you need to experience that 'aha!' moment where everything about astrocartography just clicks. 

Introduction to ACG Charts 

Module 02

Foundations of Astrology 

Module 03

Lines & Angles

Learn everything about zodiac signs, planets, houses, and how to read a birth chart. 

Learn the meaning of each planetary line and how to find them using Solar Fire software. 

Module 04


Module 05

Learn everything about latitudinal paran lines

Module 06

Local Space, Geodetics, Solar Return & Cyclocartography

Learn about relocated charts. 

Pinpoint where to find love, home or advance in your career based on natal charts and relocated charts.

Everything you need to know about timing, aspects, and midpoints to find precise locations.

Module 07

Building Your Aligned Astrocartography Business 

Module 08

Learn about ethical client counseling, leading from your heart to make selling fun, preparing for 1:1 calls in under 60 minutes, plus how to hit 10k months! 

Timing Your Travels 

Everything you need to know to accurately time travels, plus CCG meanings 

Module 09

Learn how to brand and sell yourself on social media (what I wish I knew years ago).

8+ Business videos and your Thriving Astrology Business workbook!


I just want to read my astrocartography map for fun. Is this Certification course for me? 

This course wouldn't be the right fit for you. I recommend checking out my Astro-Mapping Beginners Course - you'll love it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between this Relocation Astrology Certification course vs. your Astrocartography course? 

This Certification course is my only course with LIVE calls and bonus business modules for those of you who can't wait to become paid astrocartographers. 

You only get a chance to be listed on my Directory once you pass the test assessment portion of this Certification course (this magical opportunity doesn't exist for students in my other courses!)

Plus, my other Astrocartography courses don't include any LIVE calls. 

I have questions about my chart. Can I email you for more info? 

You get access to me in this course, with 4 LIVE opportunities to review your chart as an example. This is the only way I can answer questions about your personal chart - so join me inside lovely! 

I already offer paid readings to clients. Will I benefit from enrolling in this Certification course? 

Yes! I've added 6 extra hours of business modules to level up your astrocartography business tremendously. 

Plus, once you've passed the assessment test you get the chance to be listed on my Directory page - you'll have incredible online visibility, without the stress of marketing yourself because I've done it for you!

No need to stress over social media. No complicated sales funnels. No paying for expensive ads. 

Think of this as continuing education and coaching (from yours truly) so you never feel confused, lost, or alone in your astrocartography business. 

And built -in marketing and increased visibility so your clients find you. 

How magical is that? 

I know zero about astrology, but I'd love to become an astrocartographer who offers paid readings. Is this course for me? 

Yes, this course is a wonderful fit for you! 

I begin with the basics for people who are just starting to dip their toes into astrocartography. This is my most in-depth course available and gives you all the tools needed to open a thriving astrocartography business from the ground up. 

We all start somewhere. 

Do you offer refunds or money-back guarantees? 

I don't offer refunds for digital courses or downloads. That's why I encourage you to make a heart-centered, intuitive buying decision. 

How long will I have access to this course? 

Lifetime access! 

I believe astrology is a lifelong learning endeavor, so I'll never force you to rush through the modules. There aren't expiration dates on learning in my world. 

**Keep in mind, you have one year from your start date to take your assessment test**

How do I access this course? 

You'll be prompted to make a free Podia account where you'll have access to all content in one, easy-peasy location. 

Will I need to purchase astrology software? 

Yes, you'll need to purchase Solar Fire (or similiar software) to see relocated charts, timing, and parans. 

Use code "Helena15" for 15% off Solar Fire when you checkout! 

When does this course start? 

Doors are officially closed for 2024. Get on the waitlist to be the first to know when enrollment reopens.

Why does it matter if I'm certified? 

This certification differentiates you. It sets you apart from the trendy influencers on Instagram who have no business teaching relocation astrology. 

You're building a trustworthy name for yourself - plus, you're associated with my brand which boosts your credibility and visibility! 

(Remember once certified, you get the chance to be listed on my Directory page - say bonjour to be incredible online visibility, minus the stress of marketing yourself.) 

Once I'm in this certification course do I automatically get listed on your directory ?

No. To be listed on my directory you must enroll (and pass) this certification course. Only then will you get the chance to be listed on my highly-visited website (I have incredible SEO) directory, which I will also be sending to my future clients as I slow down my private consultations.

The directory costs $55/month. 

(Remember...the directory is stress-free marketing and fun, continued education with yours truly!)

When are the LIVE calls? 

The dates for the LIVE calls are: June 23rd, June 30th, July 7th, July 14th and August 4th. Calls are at 9 PM CEST (GMT + 2) Paris Time. 

The call links are in the course member portal in the Welcome: Live Class Call Schedule section. 

Calls will be recorded and the replays will be uploaded to the course member portal. 

Are you ready to join the wave of next-generation astrocartographers? 

(it's likely you do if you're hear right now ♡)

our planet desperately needs qualified astrocartographers to serve humanity - 




Helena Woods