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Book a personalized astrocartography reading with a Certified Relocation Astrologer so you can feel confident knowing you're receiving guidance from a qualified astrocartographer. 

Astrocartography is the astrology of place - a powerful, complex astrological technique that reveals where the stories of your natal promise unfold for you, in the most aligned way. 


Not only do we use the best professional software (no Astro Dienst here!) and consult the precise measurements on your astrocartography map, but we also use relocated charts and traditional timing techniques to reveal the best time for you to move or travel (something trendy, TikTok 'astrocartographers' won't show you..) 

Our skilled astrocartographers use the best, professional software to help you discover places for you to create a magical life in the locations you love. 

No more second-guessing where you're supposed to be.
It's time to get clarity on where you'll thrive the most! 

Certified Relocation Astrologers

Each astrocartographer below has been thoroughly trained, tested, and certified under Helena Woods to ensure readings are trustworthy, personalized, and accurate in an age of social media trends and "misinformation". 

Rest assured you're in the hands of excellent astrocartographers who practice with compassion and integrity. 

Use your intuition to find the perfect astrocartographer for you! 

Once you've found your match, tap their profile to learn more about their offerings or book with them directly. 

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Sand Chang


Astrocartography, Internal Family Systems

Hi, I'm Sand! I’m a Chinese American nonbinary queer neurodivergent person whose work is dedicated to helping people to cultivate a greater sense of home and internal harmony through astrology. I want to help you to relate to astrology in a way that is practical and allows you to feel more connected to every part of who you are. My passion is locational astrology, which includes astrocartography, relocated charts, local space, cyclocartography, among other techniques that play with time and space. I have always loved traveling (I’ve got a Sagittarius stellium in my 9th house!), and I’ve always been deeply interested in how someone’s context (geographic, cultural, relational) affects their experience of themselves and the world. For over 20 years I have worked as a clinical psychologist/psychotherapist, educator, and DEI/organizational consultant. While I do not provide psychotherapy services in conjunction with my astrological work at this time, I believe that my depth of expertise in understanding human behavior and emotions do provide with insights as to how to support clients who are interested in using astrology as a tool to live in more emotional freedom, authenticity, and overall wellbeing. My background as an Internal Family Systems therapist (and Assistant Trainer with the IFS Institute) have led me to believe that there are no bad parts, no bad planets, no bad signs, and no bad places. I have been developing a technique called Astro-IFS, which combines astrology and Internal Family Systems parts work, and I am offering this service to a select few clients at this time. Reach out to book a locational astrology or astro-IFS session! I look forward to connecting with you!.

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Becky Luna


Astrocartography, Astrobranding

I'm Becky -a Gemini Sun, Leo Moon and Scorpio Rising. I'm an astrologer and web designer & my life changed when I moved to my husband's Jupiter line. I've experienced deep healing on my Chiron lines and profound business shifts on my Uranus MC line. I love helping people find the places in the world where they shine, feel deep joy, find success and experience healing. I offer astrocartography readings and reports to help you explore your map. I also offer personal branding based on your astrology, SHOWIT website custom builds and templates. Looking forward to connecting with you!

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Amanda Voss


Astrocartography, Locational Astrology, Timing + Transits, Natal Astrology, Travel Advising, Career + Business Astrology, Astro-Branding, Medical Astrology + Astro-Herbalism, Synastry (2-person readings)

Hi! I'm a Double Capricorn + Virgo Rising, creative multi-hyphenate, and with my Jupiter in the 9th could say I was born for this! I've been a serious student of Astrocartography for several years, and was personally trained by Helena in 2023-2024 (and beyond ✈️). I'm also a Travel Advisor @hellofora 🗺 so why not have a reading + book your astro travel at the same time? I'm particularly passionate about supporting others through challenging Astrocartography after my own experience living within close proximity of a 6-line vortex (3 of which were a strongly impacted Saturn, Chiron and Pluto). Let's flip the script and learn how to work with the "teachers" in your chart and use them to your advantage! I've lived abroad 4x (UK, Australia, Austria and Germany), had otherworldly experiences in the Scottish Highlands 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, my heart will always be in Istanbul 🇹🇷, and am currently working on getting my Croatian passport 🇭🇷. Need something else? I use my expertise in astrology + herbalism, 25+ years in branding + design, and hospitality background so you have the support you need in life + your creative biz. We're also a full-service Astro-Brand studio and offer everything from business astrology readings to bespoke web, social + digital marketing solutions, based on the unique chart of your creative or spiritual business.

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Emilia Suikki

English, Russian, Finnish

Astrocartography, Locational Astrology

Hello! My name is Emilia and I specialize in relocation astrology. Whether you want success in career, a long-term home, a love relationship, or just want a change in pace, I shall look at your astrocartography thoroughly, taking all the details into account, to find the most suitable place for you to move or travel to. I am a western tropical astrologer and I use the Whole sign house system in my readings. My big three is Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon and Leo Rising. My chart ruler is Sun in Cancer in the 12th house.

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Everything you need to know about locational astrology in one magical place - learn how to read astrocartography maps and relocated charts in depth, with dozens of hours of lessons plus business modules on counseling, marketing, branding, and working with clients, and access to your private Facebook community.

You'll have all the astrocartography wisdom needed to help serve clients, as well as the option to join Helena's membership directory upon passing the test assessment.

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Everything you need to know about locational astrology in one magical place - learn how to read astrocartography maps and relocated charts in depth, with dozens of hours of lessons plus access to your private Facebook community. 

You'll have all the astrocartography wisdom needed to find magical locations around the world for success in your career, romance, spiritual growth and so much more! 


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