"Love the moment and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries."
 - Corita Kent

My greatest passions in life revolve around travel, storytelling and time. The eternal optimist, I see magic everywhere. And I want to reflect that light and magic with you!

I believe that our intuition is our greatest guide. Our natal chart is a reflection of our inner voice and also the natal promise that we made for this life incarnation. The world is a big one, and my greatest gift is in helping those slow down and connect with their intuition and ultimately find home in this great big world through locational astrology.

Romanticize your life,
lead from the heart.

Hello lovely! I'm Helena Woods, and yes that is my real name! It's quite fitting; I adore bright light and the natural world. 

I hustled it out in NYC for 5 years before deciding to live a simpler life - one where I prioritized my own values and intuition. I began living around the world and in 2018, I settled in France and started learning about astrocartography. I now use my gifts by sharing my reflections and insights on relocation astrology and slow intuitive living.

I believe that there is always time for curiosity and play in our lives. My goal is to share stories that elevate the simple joys around us, that bring positivity and light to our human experience and to guide others to find the light and truth that is within them. I am not a spiritual guru nor a life coach. But rather a deeply curious, intuitive and observant student of life.

Some other fun facts: Taurus sun, Leo moon, Scorpio rising. I'm usually traveling the world and I thrive most when I'm living out of a suitcase. I've been with my soul mate husband for nearly 10 years. I've been actively journaling since I was 7 and I love creating short films on Youtube! I love Buddhism, Stoic philosophy, the concept of fate vs free will, history, and I've been obsessed with studying astrology since 2011, when Neptune entered Pisces. In 2018, I learned about astrocartography after living and traveling around the world and now teach it online through courses and one-on-one client readings. You can always find me with one foot firmly planted on the ground and one floating amongst the fairies. 


I create to connect. Life moves fast; I want to slow it down for a little while and allow time to stand still so you can remember what true connection feels like, both with yourself and with life.

fate, the natal promise, living with integrity, the healing power in meditation, less but better, slowing down, nature being the best medicine 


the "Hustle", social media trends,  achievement-chasing, vision boards and glorifying having / doing  things in order to be happy and fulfilled. 


cuddling a cat, singing to the birds, reading library books, writing letters with a quill, whispering to the moon.

daily rituals

meditation, looking up the day's transits, cuddles with my husband, hot chocolate, barefoot walks in nature, swims in the sea, morning pages, dancing with life





Boy Meets World

hot chocolate

Demetra George

eggplant parm



Aly and Aj

My Favorite Things

The sea! It's my zone of serenity where all of my soul's messages come through...

my happy place!

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Cafe culture in France...so slow, so divine! Especially when they serve cocoa.

Journals. I'm that person scribbling my thoughts, dreams and stories in 4 different notebooks at once. Poetry, letters, short stories, songs, blog posts - you name it, I write it!

My Favorite Things

Sunshine. Dirty hiking boots. Wild camping. Flow-y dresses. Bright pastel colors. Messy Hair.Purple lipstick.

simple joys

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Colorful, vibrant & flamboyant flowers - especially those that grow through concrete on the sidewalk!

Old-fashioned polaroids! There is nothing quite like taking a polaroid of a moment in time and watching it develop slowly - I hang my polaroids around my house and they are such a treasure. 

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Discover 5 commonly made mistakes in astrocartography, and how NOT to make them. Plus, tips for reading your astrocartography map with ease!


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“My life has changed because of your vlogs, I've found myself.

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