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Learn from Helena in her online self-paced course programs! Infused with joy, insight and wisdom, learn how to create a magical life in a place you love! Courses are available on locational astrology, beginner's astrogeography and slow intuitive living.

Help others create magical lives in places they LOVE! Learn how to read astro maps and relocation charts so you can read for yourself and others professionally with excellence.

New to astrology and astro mapping? Helena guides you step-by-step on how to interpret your astrocartography map in this beginner's course.

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Learn how to time the biography of your life using advanced astrological timing techniques such as zodiacal releasing and secondary progressions.  This 4 week class is LIVE in February 2024!


Relocation Astrology

In Helena's in-depth flagship 7 week course program, Helena will show you how to read relocation charts, maps and how to start a thriving astrocartography business. Plus, get peer support in our astrocartography community, ACG book club and livestreams.


Trust Your Timing Course

Learn how to time the cycles and biography of your life using advanced astrological timing techniques. This 4 week class is LIVE in February 2024!


Astrocartography Mapping Basics

Learning astrocartography for fun? I've got you covered! Learn the planetary lines, parans and my step-by-step method to udnerstanding your map of the world. The ultimate basic beginner's introduction to reading your astro map!

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“It was awe-mazing! This was the course I have always been waiting for! I LOVE how accessible Helena makes the content. Can I reiterate I really am still speechless on how well the content has been distilled down to a 6 week class from what I know took YEARS to learn.”  - Amanda 


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Guide to Reading Your Astrocartography Map



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