Astrocartography: The Best Places to Travel or Relocate Based on Your Map

January 5, 2022

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astrocartography map reading with helena woods

Never before have we had the ability to travel to new countries as easily as we do today. While we are still sadly living during these weird pandemic times, hopping on a plane to go to a new place halfway around the world is still something our grandparents couldn’t fathom!

And thanks to Jim Lewis, who discovered astrocartography in 1970s, we now can plan to relocate or travel to places that would most beneficially serve us on an energetic, soul level.

I’ve been studying birth charts and astrology since I was 15, but it wasn’t until I moved to France in 2018 that my interests very quickly turned to an exciting, small niche in astrology, that most captivated my love for travel: astrocartography.

What is Astrocartography?

Astrocartography is the astrology of place.

Originally known as locational astrology, it’s also known as relocation astrology and astro-locality. My preferred astrology website calls it “astro click travel.”

Based on your natal chart in astrology, there is a map that corresponds to where the different planets were at different points on the map at the specific time you were born.

And wherever you were born in, meaning the planetary line you were born on, that energy stays with you forever.

Just as there are supportive planets and challenging planets, there are more supportive and challenging places in the world for you.

I follow the stoic notion that nothing in life is good or bad; things are either preferable or unpreferable.

The challenging places (Mars, Saturn, Pluto) are areas of growth. Venturing to planetary lines that are more difficult are great areas to learn lessons and expand in.

Reading an Astrocartography Map

When you pull up your astrocartography map, you’ll find that your map is covered in longitudinal lines. The closer you are to a line, the closer you feel the energy of that planet.

Even if you aren’t directly on a planetary line, you’ll still feel the orb of influence of that line up to 400 miles. Vibrationally, the energy lessons the farther you move away from the planetary line.

There are also crossing points when longitudinal and latitudinal lines cross and points that target on a specific point on your astrocartography map. When planetary lines are close or are directly crossing one another, they create an entity.

When multiple lines are together, they tell a deeper story. I’ve been studying astrology for 12 years and astrocartography for four years and now offer astrocartography readings to suit your personal needs and interests, as well as to dive deeper into your unique soul’s history in the world. You can learn more about my offerings here, but let’s get back to understanding your map!

Steps to Uncovering Your Astrocartography Map

  1. First, understand the meaning of the planetary archetypes. Each planet has a positive and a negative side. I’ve included some basic keywords down at the bottom of this blog post.
  2. Learn the relationships between planets and understand how certain planetary energies work together.
  3. Research the angles and their meanings (scroll down to ready more)
  4. If you want to improve a certain area of life (find love, have success in your public work, spiritual growth, creative inspiration, retire, buy a home or an ideal place to start a family), look up the planet that it rules and then find that point on the map. (ex: home and belonging = moon or love = venus)

Career and/or Family on your Astrocartography Map

As a general rule of thumb, for career and public success of recognition, you want to ideally move to a Jupiter MC or a Sun MC.

Venus Descending lines are especially supportive for creative artists and also for getting recognition from others for artistic endeavors. 

If you’re looking for a peaceful home and family life, Jupiter IC, Moon IC or Venus IC is lovely (I currently live on a Venus IC line in France).

Tips for Understanding the Lines on Your Astrocartography Map

When lines are directly on top of each other, such as on an intersection, they merge to tell a more nuanced and detailed story of a person’s life there.

You don’t want to live in a place where there are too many lines; it’s just far too much energy for one to take in.

If there are no lines around a place, that means the energy in that place isn’t supportive or challenging. It’s a respite of sorts, but it also translates to no growth or expansion. Personally, I think it’s better to travel or relocate to a more supportive planetary line to receive the maximum benefit.

Learning Astrology + Astrocartography

Astrology is complicated. It’s not as simple as knowing your sun, moon or rising sign. We are so much more than just our rising sign. We many planets telling a story in our natal chart. How you communicate with others (mercury) may not appear anything like your sun sign. There are various houses (areas of life), rulers of planets and aspects that tell a deeper story of how the planets relate to one another. 

It’s always important for me to note that astrology is a system of correlations; it’s not causal.

The stars don’t cause us to do things or tell us to behave in a certain way. Rather, astrology is a reflection, a window of your karmic unfolding.

When people say “I don’t believe in astrology” it’s frustrating to me because astrology isn’t a belief system. It’s a language.

Astrology isn’t a belief system. It’s a language.

When you begin to study the language of astrology, you start to understand the symbols, the glyphics, the lines and their meanings.

Reading a full chart can then be like reading a book of a person’s life…which is why I love zodiacal releasing – an ancient Hellenistic timing technique that divides a person’s life into positive and challenging “peak periods” which can help with planning purposes.

Essentially, astrology is the language of life. If you don’t speak the language, of course, you’re not going to understand it. But by working one-on-one with astrologers, reading books (I recommend this one to get started learning the basics) or learning the basic planets/aspects, which I’ve included down below, astrology can be easily learned with time and dedication.

Astrology isn’t a psychic or intuitive practice.

Astrology is not an intuitive practice. It’s not subjective. It actually activates the logical, left-side of our brain, because it’s looking at what the chart says and simply acting as a messenger.

Book an Astrocartography Reading with Me

I love life. I love studying the chapters and places of a person’s destiny. And I’m far more fascinated by other people’s charts than my own. That’s why I love giving astrocartography readings so much. I’ve been passionately (and a bit obsessively) studying astrology while researching people’s charts for over 12 years. As a storyteller and seeker, I feel most at home uncovering the truth within a chart. And I’m so thrilled to be sharing what I’ve learned with you.

If you’d like to book a personalized one-on-one reading with me, where we go deeper on the map of your soul’s blueprint, you can learn more details and book an astrocartography reading with me here. 

Keywords of Planets –

Sun: Most positive planet. It’s where we shine and are seen

Moon: Feminine, nurturing, emotions and desires, inner needs

Neptune: Spiritual, unconscious, the unseen, the mysteries of life

Mars: Aggression, achievement, drive, stamina, motivation

Mercury: Communication, writing, technology

Jupiter: Fortune, blessings, luck, abundance. This planet expands the energy of nearby planetary energies.

Venus: Visual beauty, love, affection, style, art, partnership.

Uranus: Surprises, rebellious energy, changing society

Saturn: challenge, discipline, hard work, order, delay

Pluto: transformation, death, rebirth

Planetary Line Meanings:

Ascending (AS/AC) – Self / adopting the appearance and energy of that particular planet. Self-focused.

Imum Coeli (IC) – A sense of home and belonging, you will feel centered through the energies of this planet. More private.

Midheaven (MC) – Career, public reputation. How you are affected socially and in your career. More public.

Descendant (DS) – Relations. What you are drawn to in others and how others impact you. (partner, relationships, community)

Lunar Node – This special point shows a karmic connection. It indicates a feeling of deja vu or familiarity.


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