Time the chapters and peak periods of your life

Zodiacal Releasing is an ancient Hellenistic astrology method that informs the precise chapters of one's life. It's an advanced timing technique, and it can be used to time one's career and life direction, as well as health and relationships. After studying zodiacal releasing in depth and practicing on hundreds of charts, I am now offering private readings for those curious to read their life's story in chapters. 

Zodiacal Releasing Reading 

Your life is a book and the chapters are split into periods. Some chapters are shorter paragraphs. Others are longer (decades longer). Some have heightened importance. Others are quieter. Some positive, others unpreferable. Using my knowledge of the technique, I intuit and read you the story of what is happening in the past, present and future.

Receive an in-depth private video session exploring the major transitions and peaks of your life.


private call with Helena

Track your major "peaks" and major transitions in your career and love life

what you'll learn

Great for planning ahead! Take note of more positive and negative seasons



Prepare to be awed.

Read your soul's life story, divided into long chapters & short periods


Tossed that project on the back burner long ago? See when you'll revisit it again


Observe your past. Gather the lessons from pivots, life changes & "peaks" in retrospect


This may profoundly alter your philosophical view on astrology and what it's capable of. 

This is not like normal astrology readings where one gives you a character analysis from your birth chart; this is literally timing the major points of your life, down to the literal day. After taking an in-depth class, I studied both my own periods as well as hundreds of others and found astonishing correlations. Everything from major life transitions in one's personal and romantic life to "peaks" in career.

there is a certain poetic  elegance in destiny


This time is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it."

- Ralph waldo emerson

Schedule a time on my calendar via Acuity Scheduling down below! I will then take some time to study your major peak periods, transitions and predictions in the near future and prepare some notes for you. 

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Our Video Consulation

24 hours prior, you will receive a PDF with your periods. During the session, I will guide you through your Zodiacal Releasing periods using screenshare and answer any questions you have in regards to love and career.

How Readings Work

Get Recording of the Call

After the session you will receive a video and audio recording of your session, which you can download and save for future reference. Trust me, you'll want to come back to these notes!

Here's What I Need From You

Your interests

The life areas you’d like to focus on, such as career, love, health and lucky times as well as any future dates you're curious  to look at.


When booking through Acuity down below, pick a time on my calendar, include your email address and info and then receive our Zoom meeting link.

Birth information

Send me your exact city/state and country, time, and date of birth. It's very important you have your exact birth time as written on your birth certificate, as it will affect your chart.

 It was so comforting to know specific dates and times in life that would be more difficult or more expansive for me. After our session I explored through my journals and saw how deeply spot on the dates were massive shifts in my life.


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It was so cool seeing the sections in my timeline that are the best times and some of the more challenging times, and how aligned they were with what happened so far in my life. It really shows that astrology is legit!


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She is kind, understanding and intuitive. Helena is the real deal.  Even if you know very little about astrology, she artfully explains the chart information in an easy and understandable way.


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Your reading includes a 1 hour consultation with me on a video sharing app of your choice (Zoom, Facetime or Micrsooft Teams) and includes a recording of our call sent to you via email for future reference.

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