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Astrocartography is the future, and it's time we learn it.

Learn how to read astro maps and relocation charts in my 7 week course so you can read for yourself and others with excellence.

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Have you ever traveled to a location and found that it just flowed with opportunities, friendships, connections, and abundance? 

Or maybe you took a trip to a place (your friends just raved about it!) and when you went, found that it just didn’t click for you?

Why do we connect well and form great relationships with people in some places but not others?

Introducing locational astrology: the link between your natal promise and the world. 

Why is astrocartography important?

a lifelong skill and tool

Locate where success, abundance and exposure is activated for career/business

Find aligning places to experience deep spiritual growth and healing

Discover where it is easiest for connection an community, friendship and romantic partners

Get all the secrets on how to start a successful and thriving astrocartography business

Settle into the ideal place to buy a home and set up your life

Locate the best place to activate your creativity so you can write/publish your book

By the end of this course, you will...


Hey there! My name is Helena Woods, and I have built a thriving business by teaching locational astrology, and now I'm giving you all my secrets and  everything I know…

After traveling and living as an expat around the globe, I have since used locational astrology to...

- find the places that feel like "home"
- write my best creative work
- activate leadership, visibility and abundance
- met my husband and closest friends
- find more ease in growing my community and social following
- understand why certain trips in the past were so difficult and avoid challenging places

and now I'm ready to teach you.

My natal promise "clicked" into place with ease when I found my ideal place.

astrocartography changed my life

In my signature course offering, I will be teaching you the foundations and essentials of locational astrology - or the astrology of place. Learn how to read astro maps and relocation charts in just 6 weeks so you can read for yourself and others with excellence.

introducing my...

Locational Astrology Course

Years of knowledge that you will gain in just 6 weeks.

Take control of your joy and no longer feel stuck or confused about where to go, how to read a chart or when to travel. 

instant access!
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september 2023

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20+ hours of content, updated regularly!

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“It was awe-mazing! This was the course I have always been waiting for! I LOVE how accessible Helena makes the content. Can I reiterate I really am still speechless on how well the content has been distilled down to a 6 week class from what I know took YEARS to learn.”  - Amanda 


6 pre-recorded modules (20+ hours of learning)

2 live Q+A calls on Zoom to discuss chart examples (these will be recorded for replay!)

2 bonus modules: zodiacal releasing + how to start your successful locational reading business 

Access to a private Facebook group to support you on your astrology journey, business marketing and to learn with fellow locational astrologers.

Access to all recordings (present and future live class calls!)

Lifetime access + updated regularly

Here's everything you'll gain in this course


What is astrology really? You’ll learn the history of astrology, locational astrology, and Helena’s origin story, traveling the world and experiencing it first-hand. We’ll discuss the myriad of ways this tool can be utilized–from physically traveling to taking advantage of the energies abroad using remote activation.

In this module, I’ll teach you how to understand a birth chart: planets, aspects, the areas of life, essential dignities, and chart synthesis. This module is perfect for those astrology beginners who need to learn the basics of chart delineation before diving into relocation. astrology. 

Here's What You'll Learn

Intro + Orientation


module one

module tw0

Parans are a must for every locational astrologer. These latitude crossings have a dramatic effect on a person’s energy and when living directly on one, can be just as important as the planetary line itself. You’ll uncover the meanings and energies of the multiple combinations, from the most positive to most challenging. Trust me, you’ll want to know this.


Module four

What makes the Helena Woods Method unique? I marry the natal chart with the lines around the globe, looking at both the relocated chart and the A*C*G lines equally. We’ll break down this recipe so that you can begin to master it yourself and help your clients make epic transformations through relocation and remote activation.

The HW Method

module Three


The module you’ve been waiting for! Using relocated charts, we see what is being activated in all areas of life, for any given place in the world. What is the relationship to one's home? What’s the money story? Relationship themes? Creativity, community and spiritual connection? In this module, Helena will teach you how to synthesize a relocated chart for any given location and understand the pros/cons of different placements. 

Relocated Charts

module five

In the final module, we look at other considerations like local space lines, solar returns, and timing your travels using transits and progressions.

Other Considerations

Module six

A must watch for those that are interested in becoming a full-time locational astrologer. I share all my secrets and tips for building a six-figure business. I share the tools, programs, and systems that keep my business running so I can spend more time connecting with clients and less time running the backend, as well as how to joyfully build client relationships.

Astrology Business Secrets

Bonus module seven

How to effectively and skillfully read a chart and astro map

How does this sound?

Get all my secrets with launching a successful online astrology business



the results you're going to get:

Discover how to time your travels and moves, based on timing techniques


Learn how the energy shifts for a person based on relocated natal charts


Understand the best plantetary lines and paran combinations



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If your intuition feels it's a fit and you're ready to invest in learning this invaluable skill, I'd love to work with you!

Ready to learn relocation astrology with ease? 

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"I'm amazed by Helena's reading's accuracy: everything was on point!"

Romance has always been a struggle; I had given up hope of finding it. Helena advised me the specific dates that would be best and I'm amazed at what happened. Only days after she'd told me when it was best for me to meet someone, I met a great guy, and we have now been dating for weeks.


shares thoughts

Recent Thoughts

"I have had several astrology readings. Trust me, you are one of the best."

 I appreciated your openness to discussing whatever was on my mind and sharing your insights about my birth chart beyond the zodiacal releasing dimension. You also have a very warm and welcoming personality


shares thoughts

You are now my go-to astrologer to share with friends.

 I've had many, many readings with top astrologers and I left feeling better then I have with any of those I've worked with in the past. You are a breath of fresh air. 


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“Time is an important thing, if we but know what to do with it.”

So let's get started!

Your ability to break things down in an understandable way was amazing.

— jayne louise

Your clear explanations are everything I hoped for.

I don't know how Helena keeps all this information in her head, but her wisdom is a gift to us all. Not only did she do a great job of walking me through all the technical jargon. I left the reading totally energized and inspired.  After the reading, I felt so jazzed about life!

- Lynda

Helena over delivers in the best way possible.

Not only was the reading very informative, but I could also tell how passionate Helena is about this kind of work. 

- Adelina

It felt like I was talking to a close and wise friend.

Simple: the growing popularity of astrocartography. The demand for readings is to be acted on now, as more and more people are looking for skilled and qualified astrologers to read their maps. There are a lot of astrologers out there but not a lot of locational astrologers that can accurately read maps.

By joining this class, and doing the work and practice in your own time, you can have your business running in 2-3 months.

Okay, but why learn this now?

in 6 weeks, I'll teach you everything you need to know about locational astrology.

Astrocartography in the Misinformation Age. 

integrity > simplification

The problem with astrocartography today is that when something becomes trendy online, it becomes simplified. TikTok is filled with videos spreading misinformation about which lines to go to. There are readers on the internet (that are not astrologers) spreading inaccurate information, telling you to just go to a Jupiter, Sun or Venus line.

There are many things to consider to determine how someone’s experience and quality of life will be in a given location. And I’m going to teach you step-by-step how to accurately read the story of place, from beginning to end, with integrity and skill. It is my goal to create excellent locational astrology readers to meet the demand of this incredibly fast growing field.

The return on investment

Most professional astrologers start charging for readings at $150.

So you would need to sell 5-6 readings to earn back the investment you paid for this course. 

But if you are a more seasoned astrologer, this could be higher. Advanced astrologers typically charge $300-$500.

I'm Helena, and I'm on a mission to teach astrocartography.

Locational astrology is kind of my thing! I have a a passion for time, travel and living abroad. I love cats, meditation, the sea and I'm obsessed with teaching others about astrology of place after living around the world.

more about me

hey there!

I created a tried and true system.

I became obsessed with astrocartography when I moved to France in 2018. In 2021, I made the leap and began offering client readings. Flash forward to now, not only have I been able to understand the experiences of my client’s lives by studying their relocated charts and maps, but I now have a tried and true system of understanding what someone is experiencing in any given place.

I know how deeply you want to bring these teachings to your clients, customers and community. I’ve been inundated with client requests to share my knowledge in a course. 

now it’s time to teach it. 

over a thousand clients later

This      for:

Newbie astrologers - want the basics!

You're overwhelmed by this

you love traveling!



It's probably       for you if...



It's probably
for you if...

"the places you are drawn to are a reflection of the wisdom of your inner voice.


What happens if I don’t finish this in 6 weeks? 

No worries! 6 weeks is just how fast you can do this. You have lifetime access to the program so you can take as much time as you want. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access? Will there be updates?

Upon purchase, you will have lifetime access to this course and I will be also updating it with new modules over time. Astrology is lifelong learning.

What if I'm too busy now?

You receive access to all 7+ modules right away, but is up to you when you start. You have all content + updates for life and most of my students say they enjoy revisiting the content again!

Will I need to purchase astrology software?

There is a free software online that shows both parans and relocated charts. But as a professional charging for services, I recommend Solar Maps on Solar Fire or a professional software that shows paran lines (a must), A*C*G lines, local space lines, Cyclocartography and a relocated charts feature. If you'd like to use my software, use my code "Wood15" for 15% off Solar Fire.  

How do I access the course materials?

To organize all of the course modules and Zoom recordings, this course is housed on Podia. Creating an account is free!

Can I still do this if I don’t want to start a business?

Absolutely! Whether you want to have this skill for your own travels, this is an investment that will last you (and your loved one!) forever.

When is the class live?

Our first live round was in June 2023! The final round is September 2023.

Do I have to be experienced or an astrologer?

While I recommend that you understand the basics of each zodiac sign, this class is designed to take you through the basics in the first modules. The class builds layer upon layer over the weeks, and I’ll take you through all the necessary steps!

ready to learn? I'm excited to teach you!

Let's Do This Thing!


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Planetary lines I've lived on so far


Years I've been living  abroad and studying locational astrology

I wish I had known this info years ago! I feel more at peace now that I know where to go!


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This is a powerful tool in our lives if we want to live truly empowered, magical lives.  You are extremely knowledgeable, thorough and so fun to talk to!




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