But if you’re a newbie to astrology, astrocartography can feel…overwhelming! 

But if you’re a newbie to astrology, astrocartography can feel…overwhelming! 

How do you find the best places to live (or travel) if you know next to nothing about astrology?

Where you live affects your quality of life, and how you feel.

Your solution? ⤵️

The least confusing way to learn the foundations of locational astrology so you can easily read your astrocartography to find the most cosmically aligned locations for you! 

No previous astrology knowledge required. 

an easy-to-digest online course

Astrocartography For Beginners

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Get guidance from the cosmos, in a straightforward simplified way, so you can make informed moving (or traveling!) decisions.

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So, how long are you willing to stay in a place that doesn’t feel aligned with you? 

“Okay, I have my free astrocartography map. It’s so confusing. What am I even looking for?”

If you’re wondering…

“What does each planetary line mean? I have no idea what each line represents.”



“I’m at a crossroads in my life, and I’m ready to make a move. Where should I relocate?”


“Everyone online says your Pluto line is “bad” to visit. Is that true?”


“I had an astrocartography reading done and didn’t have time to ask all my questions. Now I’m more confused. Where should I go first?”



And now you don’t have to break the bank to book with a professional. 

you can use your new skill set for life! 

If my clients have additional questions I charge $111 for a video response. You could invest $461 for one reading. Or, you could invest $333 for a timeless skill. 

Traveling with your bestie? Read both maps to find the best vacation spot for both of you. Relocating your family? Discover the most supportive places for you and your little ones! 

My astrocartography readings start at $350. 

Long story short, relying on a professional to read your chart or attempting to teach yourself gets complicated and pricey— quick (especially when you don’t know what you’re looking for!)

a skill that never expires

The dangers of the TikTok age

Plus there’s so much astrocartography misinformation swirling around online. Even if you decided to learn on your own, there’s a huge chance the information might be trendy, not true…

I cringe every time I witness a trendy “astrologer” on TikTok make blanket statements about “good” and “bad” planetary lines. 

Or when I see people charging for astrocartography readings but don't actually know *astrology.*

(P.S. There’s no such thing as good or bad lines — each planet has a positive and negative side!)

but how do I know?

Hello, kindred spirit.
I’m Helena Woods! 

I’m an expert in relocation astrology.

I started my astrocartography business in November 2021, when the Taurus solar eclipse activated my 7th house of client relationships - the ruler of my 10th house of career.

Since then, I've done 1400+ readings for people all over the world. I was recently featured on The Astrology Podcast and Well + Good blog. And I share free, astrocartography wisdom with +70,000 souls on Youtube.

I’m currently on a mission to travel the world and visit my planetary lines, firsthand, so I can share my experiences with you in real time!

I’ve lived on 9 planetary lines. 

I feel happiest at home in France and the luckiest when I visited my Jupiter descendant line in Tallinn, Estonia. When I’m in Tallinn, I was on my teaching latitude and created this course! It was also where my best planet (Jupiter) moved to the 7th house representing one-on-one partnerships, creative collaborations, and help from other people. 

So many kindred souls reached out to me. So many opportunities for partnerships and collaborations presented themselves. I felt confident, hopeful, and optimistic about everything in life. 

Visiting my Mars ascendant line was a totally different story…

In 2018 my husband and I booked our honeymoon in Egypt— directly on my Mars ascendant line (Mars is the most difficult planet in my chart, and boy did I feel it.)

The moment we landed I felt angry. I had this urge to argue and defend myself with anyone and everyone. It was a frustration-filled honeymoon, to say the least. 

If I had read my astrocartography chart beforehand— I could’ve avoided a not-so-magical honeymoon. It was a total waste of our time and money.

Now I know to avoid my Mars AS line at all costs, thanks to this technique. 

Rather I am a deeply intuitive, observant student of the cosmos. Passionate about life, exploration and learning. I can’t wait to guide you to live a passion-filled existence in magical locations— because where you live truly affects your well-being. 

Let’s dive into your astrocartography map! This tool is a game-changer.

I’m not a guru or a life coach.

"I had an amazing astrocartography reading with Helena, but didn't have enough awareness to ask the right questions during our call. Using this course brought clarity to my unanswered questions. It's the "AHA!" moment I needed because I'm planning a huge move from the US to Europe, and didn't want to settle on a random place. SO insightful for anyone who's intruiged by locational astrology, or follows Helena's YouTube channel but doesn't quite understand all the terminology. I HIGHLY recommend- you'll f*cking love it. Thanks Helena, you're a wonderful guide!"


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“I really didn’t know much about astrology, just you know, Gemini, Leo, Libra all that kind of stuff. I knew that the planets had different energies, but not too much else. I’m really having fun getting to know really intimately the different planets. Do what I did, and just join! Helena has that way of really teaching you where you’re at.” 


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"You did an amazing job breaking every detail down in a way that felt like we were having a chat over a cup of coffee. Before this course I would look at my map and tell myself, 'yeah no.' I found it so difficult to understand! Now I just want to look at all the maps and just obtain as much information as I can! Thank you so much, you are an amazing teacher and so knowledgeable." 


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My beginner students rave:

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never expires.

yearly updates

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Don’t miss out! When you join the beginner's course, you can take 10% off my advanced relocation astrology course— 

You’ll learn all my secrets to perfectly time your travels and get access to future LIVE class calls and livestreams with me in our Astrocartography Facebook community!



How to find your (free!) astrocartograhy map. 

Introduction to planetary lines and the planetary archetypes. 

The meaning of angles, and how each angle activates themes in your life. 

The importance of paran lines (parans drastically affect your life— you’ll want to know this!)

How to use local space lines to local specific villages, towns, and cities.

Understanding your birth chart, and the zodiac signs. 
Plus, map examples, and step-by-step video tutorials to bring everything together! 

What’s inside this self-paced course?

 7 video modules showing you everything you need to know to accurately read your astrocartography map!

I totally understand every dollar invested matters. 

Take a deep breath and consider your intuition before making the decision to join— it’ll never lead you astray.

The best location to retire and start the next chapter of your life.

The safest, most supportive places to raise your children.

Where to go for visibility and career recognition

Where you should book your dream honeymoon!

Places that foster creativity to write your book.

Your most romantic places to find love 
and so much more!

Your astrocartography map reveals:

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Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

I don’t offer refunds for digital courses or downloads. That’s why I encourage you to make a heart-centered, intuitive buying decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access? 

Astrology is a lifelong learning endeavor, and I don’t believe in expiration dates for learning. That’s why I offer lifetime access to all content!

How do I access the course?

You’ll be prompted to make a FREE Podia log-in where you’ll have easy access to all recorded modules.

I’m so interested, but I don’t know if I have extra time to invest. Should I wait to enroll?

This course is self-paced, meaning you can take bite-size pieces when you feel inspired or dive in headfirst— it’s totally up to you. My students love revisiting the content at their leisure. (Remember, this is supposed to be fun!)

Will I need to purchase extra astrology software?

Nope. You start with free online software to see your astrocartography map. If you decide to advance and consider timing— I suggest investing in Solar Fire. Use my code “Wood15” for 15% off Solar Fire software. 

I’m booking a trip super soon. How long will it take to find *my* best vacation spots?

You start by pulling up your free chart, which takes less than 15 mins. The pace at which you flow through the course is up to you— but it’s totally possible to finish quickly to make informed booking decisions!

Who’s this course good for?

It’s great for total newbies. Don’t know your zodiac sign? No problem! Never heard of locational astrology? Not a biggie! It’s the perfect starting point for anyone. 

I still have questions. Can I contact you?

Yes, this is an important decision! Send me an email at helenawoodsastro@gmail.com, and I’ll respond within 2-4 business days. 


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I can’t wait to see your beautiful self inside.


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