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Make Slow Living Part of Your Everyday

My First Published Book


Do you want to slow down and live simply with authenticity? Helena Woods, the creative behind her YouTube channel, will show you how to slow down and live in alignment with your inner voice. With beautiful prose and dreamy original photography, Woods reveals the wisdom she has learned by leaving the US and living a slower life in France. For many, a slow European lifestyle seems out of reach, but with the direction in this book, readers are able to craft this lifestyle for themselves anywhere, anytime.

If you're looking to replenish your heart and mind by slowing down, then this guide will lead you back to the wisdom within. 

Romanticize Your Life and Lead from the Heart

Create a slower, simpler life wherever you are. 

A gorgeously designed hardcover coffee table book with Helena's photographs from around the globe, this practical how-to guide includes everything needed to live a slow, simplified life. For anyone who’s ever felt the pressure to do more, be more, achieve more and feels the desire to let go of the busy go-go-go energy of a time we’re living in, this book is for you.  Free yourself by living slow.

Lead from Your Soul 
& Live Slow

free yourself

With beautiful insights and reflective prose, I write how you can slow down pace of life, turn off the noise and center back within. I share how to tap into your internal compass, your inner knowing, at any time in a deeper way.

Connect with your intuition

Discover and align with your authentic truth

Sharing practical tools, exercises and tips, I guide you to connecting with your core authentic truth - your values - in a simplified way as well as how to trust in the magic of life

inside you'll find how to:

Simplify your everyday life for mental clarity and peace of mind

Whether it's through connecting with nature or by creating nourishing routines that enrich your mind and feed your soul, I share how to simplify and slow down your life to bring you more ease and mindfulness. Slow living made easy.

Sam Fournier, Youtuber

"Helena’s words speak to your soul. A must read to feel joy and connection to ourselves that we all crave."

kind words

Alanna O'Niel, author

Full of thoughtful reflection and insight, this book will be a gentle yet essential reminder to reconnect to ourselves and nature."

kind words

Sophie Daquis (Malama Life)

After reading this book, you will feel inspired to go out and connect with nature and tune into your inner voice."

kind words