We all know how important wedding photography is. But can we take a moment to think about family photography and how important it is? Today I’m sharing why hiring a family photographer needs to be a priority in 2019. 

Helena’s Journey as a Family Photographer

You could say that I used to take pictures in an attempt to stop time. Feeling desperate, I would want to stop life, freeze time, while it moved quickly past me so I could cling onto the memories and experiences I loved most. This year, I discovered a shift in my photography. Now in my ever-growing and expanding self, I celebrate the energy of the n o w, this moment. This moment of human connectedness. This moment of shared unity and love. I photograph to celebrate this life and the lives of the people I meet. I document to celebrate my love for this moment. This joy, this feeling that I have for living….now.
As a family photographer, it’s obvious to say that I love to document love, childhood and human emotion. I have a genuine passion in observing, exploring and recording the richness of living the present moment and the emotional bonds between families. And while I have explore many avenues of photography over the past two years as a photographer, there is no one I love to photograph more than children, babies, and families. 


It comes down to many reasons – one of them being that children have this intensity that makes them so unique and special to this world. Their joy, their giggles, their tantrums, their curiosity, their making sense of this world we live in – photographing children in their natural state is immensely rewarding because of this: honesty.
Kids don’t care what they look like; they want to play. And if they are not playing, they’re exploring a leaf or a ladybug or some natural element. Or maybe they’re hungry. And even when they are hungry, they display their true feelings without a forced smile or a laugh that we so often see in commercial portraiture. Kids display such honesty, and photographing those honest (and so very human) moments is so rewarding for me as an artist. I am able to witness truth. 

Preserving our Stories

Photographs are significant. They tell our stories, long after we are gone, and provide insight and connection for the generations that are born long after us. Portraiture allows us to preserve: preserve memories, preserve emotions, and preserve the days of our past. We won’t be able to remember all of our life’s moments with our families and loved ones, and when we can no longer remember those details, we have these photographs to look back on. As humans, we love to share and sharing these memories with others creates joy and connection.

Human Emotion

As a portrait photographer, this art form has given me a voice that I often am not able to find while speaking or writing, and it speaks directly to my and others emotions without the use of words. We can document human emotion, joy, love, and connectedness through this visual medium. And I find it the greatest gift in the world that I can gift families and their children this creative art form.

Two Gifts

I am able to give two great gifts to families and new parents – the gift of portraiture and the gift of a memorable experience.
Time passes so unremarkably fast, but photographs outlive us. And gifting families and their children, and their children after that, and the generations to follow, these precious heirlooms is priceless. The days are long, but the years are short, and while the long days seem to have little important to us at the present time, these portraits of our time – loving one another, connecting with our families – are with us forever.
And lastly as a portrait photographer focused primarily on creating a joyous and memorable experience for the moms, dads and children I serve, it is my biggest gift to have them not only walk away happily with an incredible session experience that they’ll remember forever, but that I’ve made a new friend in each and every single one of the people I photograph. That we’ll stay in touch through the years and share our life updates with one another. That I’ll photograph their children as they grow up after those first newborn weeks and learn to take their first steps, and learn to speak their first words and learn to ride their scooters. I’m passionate about people who invite me into their lives to document their story. That’s why I’m in this: to tell you unique story. Because your story is beyond worthy of being shared. 


Feel like we’d be bffs and interested in having me document your families legacy? Check out my travel schedule and let me know how I can best serve you! 

Why Hiring a Family Photographer Needs to Be a Priority with Helena Woods Connecticut children's photography

Why Hiring a Family Photographer is So Important

July 27, 2018

I'm Helena. I'm an expert at creating magical, emotive family portraiture, the ultimate Disney nerd, and I'm obsessed with natural light, cats and expressing my love for the simple joys.

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