As a lifestyle newborn photographer, what I love most about my maternity and newborn session packages is seeing the major differences in dynamic at their home and with each other before and after bringing a child into the world. Booking a maternity session is one thing, but when you schedule both a maternity and newborn session with one photographer, you really get to know their style, their approach, their personality and their interests. You form a friendship and a personal relationship with your photographer as you both watch your children grow through the years. It cannot get any better than that. 

What a miraculous gift as a creative artist and family photographer to document the moments before bringing their light in their life and when their child entered it.

You may recognize Marta and Miguel from their maternity session that took place just a few weeks back. Of course, Marta looked a tad bit different at that point in life (hello baby bump!) and now this little 2 week old’s modeling career is taking off! Marta was absolutely glowing with her sweet little baby bump and the house was a bit more quiet, but look at the love and the immense joy they are experiencing with the arrival of their precious baby boy!

Classic portrait of newborn baby sleeping with parents with Fairfield Lifestyle Photographer 

Documenting Your Maternity and Lifestyle Newborn Sessions in Connecticut

I am so in love with this at-home lifestyle newborn session because I truly feel like I have experienced a part of their adventure together: the before and the after!

These portrait sessions are slow, simple and magical.

These moments and these portraits will be remembered long after we are gone, for classic portraiture is timeless, and timelessness is something I treasure and hold so near and dear to my heart as both an artist and a person.

Connecticut family holding newborn baby fairfield county new england photographer

I want my clients to look back at their album and these photographs 50 years from now. My wish is that they will pass them to their children, and their children after that

I feel like I have been able to play a special role in welcoming their new little one. 

I truly wish that everyone had images like these to share with their children and grandchildren someday. My hope is that every family will have one timeless and stunning printed image.

It’s been shown that children feel even more loved when they grow up seeing printed portraits of their parents loving them on their wall. 

What I Believe as a Newborn Photographer

I believe that all of my families deserve a storybook album to pass down to their children someday, that their story is worthy of being invested in, that they are beautiful and deserving of being in front of a camera lens – during pregnancy, right after birth, and through the years as they grow older. 

I believe that your family story is important and is worth being shared with others. When we gift love to one another, we remember that. We remember not what people did, but the way people make us feel. And portraiture is my deepest calling, it is my way to gift these feeling to others.

Thank you Marta and Miguel for trusting me during such an important time of your lives. 

  Connecticut family holding newborn baby fairfield county photographer parents at bright classic lifestyle newborn session

Classic portrait of newborn baby sleeping posing with Fairfield Lifestyle Photographer timeless black and white portrait of newborn baby sleeping new parents holding newborn baby photographed by Fairfield Connecticut lifestyle photographer classic portrait of newborn sleeping new parents holding newborn baby photographed by Fairfield Connecticut lifestyle photographer new parents holding and smiling their newborn baby photographed by Fairfield Connecticut lifestyle photographer

Expecting a baby in Strasbourg Alsace and Looking for a Lifestyle Newborn Photographer?

Are you expecting a baby and looking for a maternity and at home newborn photographer? I travel all over New England and France for my clients. I recently returned from Portugal, Germany and San Diego and I am next off to Connecticut and New York in October and November! You can view at more detailed look at my travel schedule HERE. Please inquire for session details and more information on booking.

Strasbourg Alsace Maternity and Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

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What I Believe as a Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

June 20, 2019


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