The quaintest, most charming sea of white Hagrid huts fill the distance – Alberobello.

My First Impression of Alberobello, Puglia Italy

Alex and I tread up and down sloping neighborhoods – white cone Trulli huts lining each individual street as it weaves and splits into one another. Flower pots and vines string along the blinding, white huts. Spaghetti-like beaded curtains guard the hut entrances, allowing privacy to the quiet families who live there. Olive plants and cacti sit beside us as we take in the vineyard in front us, the granite stone cone rooftops to the right.

Siesta Closing in Alberobello

We sit listening to the birds, the distant drills and construction workers plowing away. We’re lucky we found this little “bar” – a.k.a. cafe to an American – on a hilltop near the tourist center of Alberobello. All restaurants are closed from 3PM-7PM for “siesta” and being turned away from all the local restaurants, we are appreciative for this quiet place.¬†

The Local Food Dishes in Alberobello Puglia

Mouth-watering ricottina – a local favorite cheese in Alberobello, cold and creamy like a chunk of solid milk – it melts chilly and fresh. Paired with melanzane cut eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes drenched in the finest of olive oil, with the local onion bites to pop in your mouth.

We wander on foot, up and down the hillside village, petting pups along the way and visiting the local artisan shops and pasta specialty stores before realizing the time and catching a bus through the Puglia region, back to Bari. The regional trains in Italy are slow, peaceful and the seats’ fabric are often faded and torn. Surprisingly, they often run right on time and the views of the country – the vineyards fields and Trulli stone houses enchant me.

I love this country.

We escaped the crowds, graffiti and dog-poop stained sidewalks and exchanged it for a quiet slice of Trulli hour hilltop heaven. Silence surrounds us, sitting atop of a hill with Trulli houses below, there has never been a greater day of our tour through Bari thus far.

Why is it that nature and stillness steal my heart time and time again.

It is never the flashy urban cities, glitzy resorts or 5-star dining theatrics that take me away but rather the stillness, the natural elements, the simplicity, the quiet calm of the natural world – it is all that is untouched and pure that draws me most.

Thank you for being our little haven away from the noise, Alberobello.

My Travel Photographs of Alberbello, Puglia Italy 

Memories of Puglia Italy: Alberobello

June 22, 2019


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