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Rock Your Upcoming Maternity Session with These Tips

March 7, 2019

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As a creative photographer, I wholeheartedly believe in documenting and preserving special moments that define one’s life. I am passionate about recording the magic, the joy, and the love in a person’s life, and there is nothing more magical than giving birth to new life. The gift of pregnancy is unlike any other, and it deserves to be preserved as a work of art that you will remember forever. 

As women, we have the amazing opportunity to give new life, and so often this chapter of our lives is glossed over, with only the focus being on newborn and baby milestone photography. But this is your time, just as much as it is your baby’s. And this is a gift – not only for your future child’s – but for yourself.

You deserve this memory to be recorded and cherished. 

As a photographer of childhood, motherhood, and family, I often hear from mothers that they would go back and have this special time photographed if they could, and so I’m sharing a quick blog post, to encourage, uplift and inspire you for this magical time in your life. 

If you are a pregnant mama in the Fairfield County Connecticut and New York City area, here are a few maternity photo tips for your upcoming session with me.

motherhood during pregnancy photographed by connecticut nyc maternity and newborn photographer Helena Woods


Scheduling your maternity photography session

Like our studio’s custom newborn sessions, maternity sessions are a special time in your life, and this is no regular occurrence. To make sure I can best serve you, be sure to contact our team 1-2 months in advance, as our studio’s newborn and maternity Signature session slots do book up quickly.

Maternity sessions are best photographed between 30 and 34 weeks of pregnancy.

kissing couple during pregnancy photographed by connecticut nyc maternity and newborn photographer Helena Woods


More than anything, you want to look and feel comfortable during your portrait session. Oftentimes my clients love to dress up and have 2-3 outfit choices laid out for me to look at when I arrive to your home. 

Flowy, ethereal dresses and silk nightgowns look breathtaking on camera, as well as long floor-length, form-fitting dresses. Neutral tones like whites, creams, light blues, and pale pinks always look timeless no matter the decade, and soft fabrics look more stunning on camera. The goal of the session is to show off your gorgeous belly, so form-fitting is key

To view some maternity outfit ideas from our boutique portrait studio, click here. 

With your body constantly shifting and changing during this time, I understand that you feel that the last thing you want to do is get in front of a camera, but this special time will soon past – so quickly in fact that you’ll spend your life looking back nostalgically at this precious time.  Trust us when we say, you are stunning and glowing. 

You are a goddess.

Years from now, you and your baby are going to truly cherish these moments of life, of art, for these truly are priceless memories of your unique story that you’ll reminisce forever. 

kissing couple during pregnancy photographed by connecticut nyc maternity and newborn photographer Helena Woods

Check In With Your Partner

My studio uniquely specializes in fine-art lifestyle maternity and newborn portraiture. Essentially, this means that the focus of the session is not just on your belly and baby, but on you and your relationships. I am in this to tell stories – of love, of family and human connection – and my favorite aspect of photographing maternity and newborn sessions is the connection and love between you and your partner.

Capturing the hidden glances, the sweet affection, photographing that moment your husband looks adoringly at you – the mother of his child. These are memories you’ll have forever, and I always tell my clients to let their partners in on all the details leading up to the session and how it will go. Reassure him or her that I’ll be capturing the connection between the two of you, and that I don’t want you both to look stiffly in my lens and smile.

Instead, relax and be playful with one another. Put the focus on the love of your life.

kissing couple during pregnancy photographed by connecticut nyc maternity and newborn photographer Helena Woods

Style Your Hair and Makeup

A maternity session is no everyday occurrence. And you deserve to celebrate this miraculous time in your life! This is the time to treat yo’ self, mama.  When the day for your photo session finally comes, you won’t have anything to fret or be conscious over, and you can keep the focus on you, your love for your partner and that baby bell we want to show off.

Consider having a personal hair stylist or makeup artist over in the hour leading up to your session – our studio can help arrange everything for you if you are interested – or have a spa day and treat yourself to a mani-pedi the day prior. This is your time. 

Lather your skin

Lastly, your gorgeous life-filled belly is going to be the main attraction of this special portrait session, so give your belly some extra love and lather your skin with some lotion. To prevent dry, itchy, or redness in your portraits, treat your skin a few hours before your session. 

Are you interested in a maternity photo session with Helena? Contact Helena Woods at the Helena Woods Portraiture studio at for maternity photography session details and booking!

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