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8 Reasons To Have Your Newborn Photographed At Home

March 5, 2019

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Here are top 8 reasons why you may consider having your newborn photographed at home.

As a newborn photographer, I have done it all: photographed newborns and new moms the day after birth in the hospital, in the NICU, and at my clients’ homes. And I can personally say, there is nothing easier, more comfortable and more special than photographing a family with their brand new human in the comforts of their own home. As a new mom or dad, you may be wondering what is the best choice for you. Studio sessions, while formal and nice, don’t provide many of the benefits that at-home lifestyle newborn sessions do. Here are the 8 benefits:

No Need to Travel

This is the first and most obvious reason why having your newborn photographed at home with a lifestyle photographer is the most appealing. When you’re a new mom, the last thing you want to do is get out and commute all the way to a studio with a one-week-old baby. And what about all the questions and slight worries of “what ifs” and “should we”s, like “what if need to bring ____” and “should we pack ____ for the session?” There is no need to worry about any of those questions and concerns when you have an on-location photographer coming directly to you. Having a lifestyle newborn photographer come to you allows you to stay home and not pack the family in the car to travel the however many miles to reach the studio. And let’s not bring up the traffic, am I right?

Calm and Quiet for You

With there not being a need to shlep yourself and the family to the studio makes for a much calmer experience for you and your baby. Right after labor, comfort and ease not only just for your new baby, but for yourself, is key. Having a frazzled morning and rushing out the door is the last thing you want for your session. Take in your space – the space you’ve known and loved and grew your child – and get calm and relaxed. The more relaxed and comfortable you feel, the more amazing you’ll look on-camera. These are portraits you’ll print and frame and create an album with for your child. You want to feel good on this day. 

Outfit Changes are Easier

Everything you own is already at home, which makes clothing changes and last-minute decisions a whole lot easier. Mom can use her own bathroom and bedroom to make makeup touches and adjustments, and it gives my clients and me a moment to look over the clothing choices and make the final decision when I arrive. Colors, tones and clothing fabric quality are such an important part of my studio’s modern classic style, and I always advise my clients to have a few outfit selections laid out, and we can make a final decision together. Having access to your wardrobe at home just makes it all so much easier!

Siblings are Comfortable 

Sibling shots can be the trickiest to capture during a newborn session. Oftentimes the focus has been on your newborn, and we want to make sure we include your son(s)/daughter(s) as much as we can in this shared experience together! Siblings shots are a must, and I always aim to get these classic images right at the beginning of the session. Lucky for me, I am always able to capture these classic must-have sibling shots because I photograph solely at my client’s homes.

Children are much more comfortable, relaxed and far less stressed and overwhelmed at home. With this being such an intense time in your young child’s life (hey – this is a lot of change for them!) having a session in the comforts of your child’s home will provide a much easier and successful portrait experience.No need to have your child be stuck in a small studio for 2-3 hours. They have plenty of snacks at their disposable, and once we get those family and sibling shots, they can go on their merry way and continue on having fun! 

child and newborn siblings with connecticut lifestyle newborn phototgrapher helena woods

Personal Home Surroundings

There is nothing more unique than having a session at your home. It just screams YOU and your uniquely designed and curated space will make your gallery look completely different, special and unique from every family that has also booked a newborn photographer. So many newborn portraits have the same background, with the same blankets and the same props, but when you have a lifestyle session at your home, you’re incoorperating the aspects of you and your loved ones that no studio has. 

Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists 

Having a child is a major life milestone, and it deserves to be celebrated! One of the reasons my clients love when I come to them is the ease of having a hairstylist and makeup artists come directly them! Starting in 2019, my studio’s newborn Signature Sessions include the offer of having a stylist work with them in the hour leading up to our session time. If mom wants hair curled or a professional makeup artist highlighting her features during this special season of life, it just adds to the specialness. 

Background Flexibility 

With an at-home newborn session, we have plenty of flexibility and variety of background, such as shooting in different rooms of the house, as well as photographing outside in the yard provided it’s warm enough. In the summer months, I love photographing newborns in simple baskets filled with soft and neutral-colored knit wraps. Add those gorgeous summer green hues, or some classic blurry New England orange and red leaves, and it just adds a layer of pop to newborn portraiture. 

The home you brought your baby to

Maybe this is your chosen forever dream home. Or maybe this is your home in this chapter of life. Either way this is the home, the home you brought your new family member to in the first days of life. You’ll always remember this space. Homes have such a special energy around them, and adding a new addition to the family in this home makes it all the more special. When you book a lifestyle newborn photographer to come to your home directly, we’re able to get those precious nursery moments – the space where you held those late-night feedings and the bedroom where your family finally joined together for the first snuggle. We’re able to document you sitting on the rocking chair, rocking your newborn to sleep for the first times. These are priceless moments that you’ll treasure forever and wish you tangibly had again years and years from now. 

I hope this blog post has helped you weigh in on whether an at home lifestyle session with a newborn photographer is uniquely right for you. If you’re considering in home newborn photography and are curious to learn more about booking your in home newborn session with me, be sure to inquire our studio for details! I travel often for family, maternity and in home lifestyle newborn portraits, so be sure to reach out to see if we would be a fit! I’m so excited to learn more about you! 

Until then, feel free to read on and see other tips and blog posts I’ve written for clients!

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