How is it that a woman like Jane Austen can inspire and creatively impact as many generations as she can? How can a single woman who left personal letters and unpublished pages behind still empower and motivate people 300 years later?

It has to do with personal legacy, values and showing up. 


Every human being is creative. But you don’t need to create anything if you don’t feel called to do so. 

By simply showing up and serving your unique gifts to the world, you are already living your purpose. That legacy is enough. 

Your unique gifts could be as simple as being optimistic or funny and sarcastic or bringing an energy of fun everywhere you go.

By me simply radiating my light within, by me being naturally who I am and sharing that with others, I am living my purpose.  


Your Purpose is in Serving the World

Imagine what you can give now. If you feel the need to contribute, make it a goal to create one small thing every single day. For by showing up and consistently being of service to another, you are living your true purpose.

By living your purpose, you are leaving behind your legacy. 

Peter Brook once said,

“When a performance is over, what remains? Fun can be forgotten, but powerful emotion also disappears and good arguments lose their thread. When emotion and argument are harnessed to a wish from the audience to see more clearly into itself – then something in the mind burns.”


Ways to Leave an Everyday Legacy 

My purpose or “goal” every day is to leave behind a legacy. And a legacy doesn’t have to be grand or complicated!

It means using my creative talents and passions to create things for myself and others. 

As a creative artist using visual art as my primary mode of storytelling, I am already leaving behind an impact. I don’t need to think about becoming the next Jane Austen or Sally Mann, as much as my ego would totally love that.

I can simply stand where I am, show up creatively every day, and shine my light. 

It means making eye contact with my barista and greeting them with a sincere smile. That means connecting with others on my daily walk through the park and asking them how they are doing, how their heart is feeling. That means using my individual voice to write – a handwritten letter, a blog post, an Instagram caption – or whatever it is I’m feeling like doing that day to show up for others online and in person. It means taking 20 minutes out of my day to take a photo, edit it in Photoshop and share it somewhere.

By me walking the talk and living my life in total alignment and joy,  I am inspiring anyone else who sees me and resonates with me. It’s a spider web effect! When one person is inspired you, they take action and inspire another! Giving to one single person is enough to inspire and uplift the world. 

No matter how small that reach is or how misinterpreted it may very well be, I am still leaving a positive impact.

My job is done.  And it is possible for everyone. 


What small action step can you do today to leave behind something of you?

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Creative Impact, Purpose and Everyday Legacy

August 14, 2019

I'm Helena. I'm an expert at creating magical, emotive family portraiture, the ultimate Disney nerd, and I'm obsessed with natural light, cats and expressing my love for the simple joys.

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