covid-19 and the gift of pause and transformation

Hello, my beautiful friends.

These are mad times we are living in, mad. Right now, we seem to be living in a frightening time in history. Since 2020 began, the world seems to be crying for help. From Trump’s attack on the Iranian general and threats of a possible World War III, to the heartbreaking Australian bush wildfires and now a global pandemic called “Covid-19.” 

There is so much that we cannot control right now. It’s easy to feel helpless. It’s normal to feel anxious. But I want to encourage you to breathe, connect deep within yourself and cater to your self-care needs.

While the temptation might be to stay glued to the news or your phone, we know that panic and fear suppresses our immune systems. Stress contributes to illness and is just all around not helpful. 

Panic Never Helps

Panic never helps a situation. We all know this, right? Putting fear and stress unto yourself doesn’t help anyone. Expressing constant worry and fear when you are entirely out of control and then contributing more fear unto the world by sharing your worries with others does nothing but bring us lower as a collective. We cannot solve problems when our minds are on overdrive and making safe and practical decisions can’tt be made when we are in full fight-or-flight mode. This is not at all to minimize what is going on in the world right now.

It’s important to be concerned but not worried. 

We all need to come together collectively by self-isolating, washing out hands, supporting small businesses, being considerate of others, and keeping a safe distance from other people out of our own home. Yes to all of that. 

But looking after our mental health is just as important as looking after our physical health, and we shouldn’t neglect either of them. 

The Gift of Pause during Covid-19

When was the last time the entire world truly slowed down? Like, collectively?

There is a beauty in this opportunity. We are being forced together, as one collective, to slow down. 

Use this time to step back and reflect on what is happening within yourself and the collective. This is a time to pause. This is a time for rest, quality time, clarity and simplicity. This is a time to appreciate the simplicity in being alone, in embracing isolation and self-reflection. What do you need to release? Where in our hearts do we need to place our attention on? How can we best serve ourselves and others in the best and highest of intentions?

Covid-19 is forcing us to slow down and simplify. This is our chance to reevaluate our values and reconstruct how we are in community with one another so that we are more in balance with each other and the Earth. 

We are at a karmic crossroads. Now is a time to learn how to embrace our vulnerability in times of uncertainty.

In other words… it’s time to heal. If we don’t heal from within ourselves, we cannot heal the planet and each other. 

A Lesson of Trust in Uncertainty 

Truth: I have lost a lot of income during this Covid-19 outbreak. Not only have all of my photography jobs been canceled through March and April (cherry blossom season!), but my steady English tutoring jobs have also been canceled. And yet, despite the uncertainty of income, I have truly learned how to trust in the last year. I’ve written on the blog before how EFT tapping has released literally all of my money blocks and fears of scarcity (childhood limiting beliefs), but I also have learned how to genuinely trust that everything will always be okay. The Universe has my back, and I never doubt it for a second. 

My faith keeps me grounded. Always.

Through a financially tumultuous freelance career and seasons of serious feast and famine as a freelance creative, I have been forced to learn how to budget, invest wisely, and always always always save for a rainy day. Because of these lessons in trust and surrender in even the slowest of seasons as an entrepreneur, I’ve created a small safety net for just these times. And while I can allow fear to take over, I refuse.

I vow to live boldly. To exist loudly. To trust completely.

Learning to surrender control has been my greatest teacher. You have a choice: to be afraid or to live in trust and surrender. 

A time of major transformation and Earth changes. 

Call me naive or optimistic, but I believe we have to lift one another up during these stressful times. Light-workers and healers – it’s time to step up and share your light. It’s time to loudly exist and be of service for a world that is in the midst of a deep and profound transformation. They say that chaos and darkness lead to the greatest of transformations, and we are seeing it unveil in real-time. 

So, I am prepared to show up.

Note: It’s important to note that when I advise to “show up”, I am referring to online work, phone calls and video chats. It’s important to be considerate of others during this time and self-isolate in your home.

How can you show up and be of service to others during Covid-19?

If you are deep in fear and anxiety right now, I suggest you heal within yourself and cater to your self-care needs first before spreading information to others.

But if you are grounded with the Earth and in alignment within yourself, use this time to clear and heal the planet in the middle of its transformation. That may look like checking in with family and the elderly via the phone or video chat, writing a letter to a loved one, or writing and creating content on the internet.

Thanks to our modern-day technology, we can create a connection with people even with a global pandemic. We can feel at one with people around the globe just by plugging into the internet and chatting with others.. This is a gift! Use it to heal.

An Aligned Way to Follow News Updates

Finally, take the CDC and World Health Organization seriously. Be aware of what is happening around the globe and check the official health news online, but then log out and pick up a hobby in your home. Dance around the kitchen with your partner. Play a game of solitaire. Cuddle your cat.

A constant stream of television news updates playing in the background is such a negative and depressing alternative to picking up your phone and reading the updates.

Don’t poison yourself. Practice mindfulness and awareness by taking 3 deep breaths before picking up your phone.

Ask yourself: What feels good and right for you: reading the news, listening to the news or watching the news?

It’s important to be informed, but we can be hopeful, optimistic lightworkers and also be realistic at the same time. 

We are in this together, friends. May peace be with you and your loved ones. 

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Covid-19: The Gift of Pause and Transformation

March 17, 2020


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