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Tips for Having an Indoor Family Photoshoot at Home

June 3, 2020

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A sunny gal from Cali living in the south of France. I adore slow living, magic, and celebrating the simple joys of daily life. I’m a self-proclaimed Disney nerd (as is my husband!), obsessed with cats and cocoa, and you can often find me swimming with the fishies in the salty sea. Come along and enjoy the magic, the simple joys of life with me...



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If the pandemic has stalled your outdoor family session and you’re moving your annual family portraits indoors, here are my top tips for an indoor family photoshoot at home!

family laughing at home during a lifestyle family photo session

Beginning in March, the pandemic halted all of my 2020 outdoor photography sessions. No surprise there.

After the cherry blossom and Paris photoshoots were cancelled, I was left with plenty of empty space and a little too much leisure time. During the quarantine, I decided to get my camera out and start filming videos in my small French village.

That’s right: I started a Youtube channel.

And boy, has it grown so quickly! I never expected to have over 1,500 subscribers in just a few months! And while it’s been super fun creating films on topics I care deeply about (slow living and simple joys)…I’ve really missed photographing families.

You see…human connection is my number one priority in life. And while I love chatting with my new friends in the comment section of my videos, there’s nothing quite like in-person human contact. I adore my job as a family and children’s photographer because I love getting to know people in real life. I love forming and maintaining relationships. 

It is these precious moments that I love most about family photography: the split-second interactions, glances, and intimate details…

…the way the light hits your face while holding your first born, the way your daughter tugs at your dress when she wants your attention, the way your husband looks at you surrounded by your little ones, the way your littles speak gibberish but you somehow understand every word. Those little details, those simple joys are what fuel my passion for family photography. And this family photo session in France is exactly the kind of work that adore doing!

Because to put it simply, I am fascinated with people. I love finding a connection, a sense of vulnerability and authenticity and humanness in who I am photographing; whether that be a mother, a couple, or a family. When shooting portraits, you really get to know someone and see firsthand what makes them who they are and what lights them up.

family cooking at home in the kitchen with lifestyle family photographer Helena Woods Photography

Tips for Having an Indoor Family Photoshoot at Home

Indoor family photoshoots at home have quickly become one of my favorite sessions EVER! I seriously love nothing more than capturing a family in the comfort of their own space. I find that each family is able to relax and just enjoy being together when they are in their own home.

Send photos or videos of your favorite spaces to me

Upon booking a session with me, I will send you a Q+A to fill out via email and will ask you to send me some photos or videos of the main rooms I like to photograph. This typically includes the living room, master bedroom, kid’s rooms, nursery and sometimes the kitchen. For an indoor family photoshoot at home, it is important that I can see how the light fills the space and it will help me plan the best way to photograph your family in each room.

Keep the cleaning to a minimum 

While it definitely is helpful to have your house picked up a bit, don’t clean it up too much! An indoor family photoshoot at home should be as relaxing and stress-free as possible so please don’t worry if there are a few things scattered about!

Plan for activities

I want to capture your family interacting, giggling, and simply having fun together. One of the easiest ways to do that is to pick an activity that you all enjoy doing together. This could include dance parties, reading books, sink baths if you have a new little one or even just cuddling on the sofa. Those candid, natural moments of family life at home is most important for me to capture!

Styling matters

styling for your indoor family photoshoot at home is just as important as styling for any other family session! I want you to feel your best, most joyful and confident self! But don’t worry, I have so many amazing tools to help you put together the perfect outfits for your session, including a printed welcome guide with my session magazine that includes lots of style tips! 

I hope these tips are helpful for your upcoming indoor family photoshoot at home! 

A few sneak peeks from a recent indoor family photoshoot at home! 


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