What I Learned about Slow Living as an American Living in France

This is what living in France taught me as an American. Life in France has taught me how to live slowly, to indulge in joy more intentionally and to create habits that celebrate slow living & simple joys on a daily basis. After two years living in the French countryside, I'm inspired to create more peaceful, slow living films of my life as an American expat living in France on the Simple Joys Youtube channel!

American girl learning the slow living lifestyle in France

My goal is to uplift and inspire others to find the simple joys in their everyday. I enjoy creating wholesome content on how you can integrate a more simple, natural and slow lifestyle. By slowing down, grounding ourselves and finding the appreciation in the simplicity of the moment, it is far easier to be more engaged and connected to life! We can just “be.” 

When we live in the moment, we discover delight in simple things, in simple joys.

I celebrate an non-achievement-chasing lifestyle. Less is more. In the busyness of our modern world, it is my hope to connect others who may also feel more at peace with a slower life.