Print Your Travel Photos & Why I Use LALALAB (not sponsored! I just love them!)

LALALAB printed polaroid photos by Helena Woods Photography

The Importance of Printing Your Travel Photographs

“If you don’t think photography is important, wait until it is all you have left.”

It’s a harsh reality, but a true one nonetheless. It goes without saying that our memories will no doubt fade with time. Our loved ones will pass, our children will move away, our moments will fly by. Our travels and adventures will be blips in the back of our minds.

But having a tangible memory documented and preserved will emotionally remain with us forever.

There is no doubt that when I go back to my mom’s house in San Diego and reread my old journals from high school, look through old photographs and printed albums in the garage (she’s also a photographer!), there is so much that I’ve forgotten.

Most of my memories are stored away. And the value of printing your memories is that you’ll see it, you’ll touch it, you’ll feel it, again someday.

couple kissing in polaroid photography from LALALAB

Tangible printed photographs matter. 

Tangible matters. In a digital world where everything is stored on the cloud or in external drives, where writing is done in a Google doc, memories that are printed and preserved hold deeper memories. They outlive us. Printed photographs carry more weight than virtually lost images.

Sure, we can browse through old Facebook albums. But printed photographs of our life’s history represent a more compelling part of our life’s adventures than blurry self phone pictures that never see the light of day again. 

Holding an image, a memory of your life, in your hands is powerful. It’s the finished product of all of your hard work.

Do me a favor, friend? Don’t your computer house your memories.

Don’t let your travel photos, your life, your legacy be buried in hard drives and hidden folders. Don’t let those memories be lost. 

I Print My Travel Photos with LALALAB

I print my travel photos once a year during the Christmas season online using the site LALALAB. I print my travel photo memories in a classic, vintage-inspired Polaroid-style with LALALAB using their Lala box. is a high-quality online printing lab that allows you to easily print your photos from Instagram, Facebook or your personal stored folders

Not a Sponsored Post – I just love the service!

If you’d like to purchase some prints of your own, head over to Lalalab and use my referral code at checkout to get $5 posted to your account! LaLaLab is not a sponsor but I personally just love printing my travel photos with them and if you use the code, we both get $5! Yay! Win win. 

My $5 Code with LALALAB:


LALALAB printed polaroid photos by Helena Woods Photography  LALALAB cute lalabox with printed polaroid photos

LALALAB cute lalabox with printed polaroid photos printed vintage polaroid photographs of Helena Woods

Print Your Travel Photos – I love using LALALAB!

Value of Printed Photographs: Where I Print My Travel Photos

December 8, 2019


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