One of my favorite parts about being a family photographer is telling the stories of families and their love for one another.  Here are a few sneak peeks from my recent family photography session in Wettolsheim Alsace France! 

Their Story

It was their wedding weekend in Alsace France and family and friends from all across the United States, France and Peru joined forces to celebrate the love story of Keriann and Daniel in Wettolsheim – a small French town surrounded by vineyards and Alsacian countryside. And it…was…magical.

family reunion in Wettolsheim Alsace France with destination Family Photographer helena woods

Keriann and Daniel met while studying for their M.B.A. abroad. They fell in love and began their epic love story around the world! Keriann is originally from the U.S. but she lived in Paris for years (a dream!) and spent her holidays here in the Wettolsheim countryside of Alsace – making it such a special place to celebrate this chapter with her family.

Their two sons are absolutely darling. Her oldest toddler is a lively ball of sweet energy and chatting with him about Goofy (a stuffed animal I brought of mine to the shoot), flowers and the characters in Paw Patrol made for some sweet moments!

boy with flower in the fields with connecticut family photographer Helena Woods

The Location

Wettolsheim Vineyards in Alsace France

Like Belle’s charming village in Beauty and the Beast, Wettolsheim is a storybook small town nestled in a sea of blue hillside mountains and vineyards. It’s settled in the heart of Alsace, with Colmar being just a few minutes drive away and 20 minutes train from major city of Strasbourg. 

With the wedding just a few days away at the church in Wettolsheim, this was a perfect place to continue telling the story of this warm-hearted family and their reunion in France. 

We all got into our cars and drove past the town center of Wettolsheim into the rural vineyards and surrounding mountains, where we began our family photo session. And oh how beautiful this setting was!

portraits in the vineyards of Wettolsheim Alsace France with Family Photographer Helena Woods

family portraits in the vineyards of Wettolsheim Alsace France with Family Photographer Helena Woods

The Session 

Family Session in Wettolsheim Alsace France

We piled out of the car and I started out the session with the trickiest and most challenging photo for family photographers: the sibling shot. I photographed the two oldest toddlers together and then added their younger siblings onto their laps, said a few jokes and got the shot quickly before moving onto the must-have shot of the extended family together. An extended family reunion portrait session can be challenging, but this one wasn’t!

Keriann and her family were so warm and kind, laughing and connecting with one another easily, that they made the photo session so relaxed and easygoing. It was a laid-back breeze, and I didn’t even have to swap any heads in post-process – something that so often happens when you have a few babies and toddlers in a family reunion session. 

The sun was low behind the mountains, but the post-sunset pastel cotton-candy colors were remarkable! The pastels streaked across the sky and we were able to get lots of portraits of each individual family, along with plenty of lifestyle action photos of the kids. 

This session in Alsace France reminded me so much of what I love about family portraiture:

…playfulness, pastel-colored hues, and the magic and natural wonder that childhood brings.

Each photography session brings me inspiration as a visual artist but this session in the vineyards of Alsace was especially special, and I just love the way these images came out!

kids smiling with siblings photographed by Helena Woods family photographer

Sneak Peeks: Wettolsheim Family Portrait Session in Alsace France

Below are a few of my favorite images from this recent family photography session in Wettosheim Alsace, France! The vineyards and mountains of Wettolsheim are now one of my absolute favorite places to photograph families and the T. Family and their friends made this experience so much fun! Enjoy!

Helena Woods connecticut children's photographer

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Wettolsheim Alsace France Family Photography

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