“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” –  Albert Einstein

My heart urges me to retreat. To reflect, to go inward, to seek privacy.

After a recent painful realization, I’ve admitted to myself what is not working in terms of my business and my time and what is working. 

What Isn’t Working

What hasn’t been working these last few years?  This blog and Instagram.

I’ve been consistent at this editorial schedule, posting frequently, sharing my heart and soul, and sharing my work. And while I have loved documenting this journey over the past 3 years and don’t at regret the time I’m put into it, I have also taken a hard look at my numbers and admitted to myself…that I am not reaping from the effort. The time I’ve poured into it isn’t leading to results.

We have a limited amount of time, money and resources, so it’s important to focus on what you love and less of what feels forces.

What I Will Now Focus On

I will now be sharing more “evergreen content” or blog posts that live longer on the internet and are a constant resource for my photography clients. Posts like guides for mom and dad about prepping for portrait sessions, my favorite locations for sessions, sneak peeks at my family and newborn client work, photography tips for new moms, etc.

I will also be placing importance on building my email list. I also want the focus to be less on me and my personality and more on the joyful and emotional connection of the families I photograph. 

A Need For Privacy After A Season of Vulnerability

I am naturally an open book, someone who wears her heart proudly on her sleeve and loves to share, give, and help in any and every way. But I have noticed my heart and body feeling a bit empty.

I have also been deeply vulnerable online these past two years, and while many people have reached out telling me they enjoy my blog, what I share, etc, etc, I am now seeking more privacy and setting up more boundaries. I am choosing to be more intentional. 

Sharing Your Truth Online

There is power and influence in sharing your truth online. People relate to you when you express your vulnerability, your flaws – when you are 100% unapologetically yourself with the online world, as I have been these past years. And as someone who naturally loves to openly share what is happening in my life with the online world, I truly enjoy it!

But there is a line to be drawn. In this season, I seek even more personal contemplation, privacy and less connection with the online world. It’s striking that balance between wanting to be of service and knowing when the line needs to be drawn. It’s doing what comes naturally but being wearier of what I put out there. 

I am a simple girl who enjoys reading books, writing letters, snapping Polaroids and spending my days with the natural elements.

I don’t want to remember my twenties as a time I was spent focusing on building a business and social media presence online. 

Emptiness From Sharing

When something great happens in my life – even if it is the smallest thing – I want to share about it with you. I want to share it with the internet world, in order to connect, connect, connect. I deeply love and crave human relationships, and I am always seeking ways to connect with people. But I have been feeling empty, mostly on Instagram, and now seek privacy in my personal and day-to-day life.

I feel empty from sharing in this current season.

Maybe that will change in the coming months or years, but lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the internet world. So what do I do? I conduct a thorough spring cleaning. 

Online Spring Cleaning 

Currently, I’m undergoing a deep clean. I’m cleaning up my friends list on Facebook. I’m taking the time to unsubscribe from those newsletters and podcasts I don’t feel complete and total inspiration and joy from. I’m setting up boundaries and backing away from people that don’t jive with me on my wavelength. I focus more on what I do want. And I move on from things that I don’t want. Like being glued to my laptop. 

It felt strange last week: not sharing all the things I thought might bring people joy just as it did myself. But it felt so right and true to my internal compass…and also a great reminder to take my personal life off of social media.

Internet Friends or IRL Friends?

I need to retreat, to step back, to look at these decisions I’ve made and intentionally choose a new way of living: without social media and without connecting with others online. I presently seek in-person friendships (despite it being so hard in France), long hugs after saying hello, and people to spend longs hours laughing on the telephone. I want to write more letters to friends, I want more direct, open-book, straight-shooter types like myself. I’ve walked on eggshells for sensitive internet friends, and I’ve never been one to walk on eggshells around people in real life – I am too open and flowy for that.

These are traits that one can only see in person, not on the internet, for the internet masks and filters who a person really is. 

Who and what I invest time in has been a central lesson for my spirit this season.

If you’ve been following the blog, thank you for reading. I’ll continue to share my portrait photography work and my travel photographs, and I’ll sprinkle a lifestyle post here or there, but I’m choosing to be much more intentional going forward. 

I am looking forward to the new chapter.


The Power of Vulnerability Online

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