Top 10 Apps and Sites for Easier Travel

October 1, 2017

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Numbeo – Compare Cost of Living

If you’re hoping to move somewhere else or simply want to check out how costs compare between cities, check out the Numbeo website here! I could spend hours on this site. Current and timely information on world living conditions including cost of living (literally everything you can think of), housing indicators, health care, traffic, crime and pollution are all available for your contemplation!

Rome2Rio – Transportation Made Easy

Transportation has never been more easy with Rome2Rio. Simply type in where you are and where you are heading, and the app will tell you exactly how to get there…and not like other transport apps! R2R presents you with all your options – planes, trains, driving, buses, ferries, etc. It will specify how long each mode of transport will take, how much it will cost,  and gives you corresponding links to each transport’s website with it’s schedule.

Download Rome to Rio (Apple)

Airbnb – Finding a Place to Sleep

This unique app has taken traveling on a budget to an entirely new level. Ask me anytime how I’m finding beautiful, affordable housing and I’ll tell you: “Airbnb”. From cabins in the woods, to a spare room in a couple’s house in New Orleans, to tree houses in the rice fields of Bali and fancy hotels in Paris, I’ve stayed in all of them, and I can’t recommend them enough. It can also be super cheap, depending on what you are looking for. You’ll never want to book with a hotel directly ever again.

I also am a big fan of the Couch Surfing, Booking, and Hostel World apps. When it comes to Couch Surfing, people (typically travelers who have couch surfed before) in countries all over the world generously host travelers at their homes, providing a genuine, local experience that money simply can never buy. Whether it’s a full room to yourself or a couch in the open living room, it’s free and it makes for the best traveling experiences that I’ve encountered. Obviously, be cautious with whomever you stay with, but the app’s reviews makes it more legitimate.

See Saw – Find the Latest Art

If you’re planning on visiting the cities of New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, London, or Paris, be sure to download the See Saw app. With this handy art app, you can find all the latest gallery openings, art shows, small art galleries that are tucked away from the tourists, complete with a navigation map to help the lead the way for you to each gallery. I’ve used this app in New York and Paris and have become obsessed with it! Unfortunately, it’s only available on Apple products.

XE Currency – Exchange Rates

Currency exchange is the one thing that stresses me out beyond belief every time I touch down in a new city. XE Currency app does make it a little easier. Load as many currencies to your homepage as you please, and each time you enter the app (but keep in mind – you’ll need Internet!) it will automatically refresh to the current rates.

Also, if you’re hoping to save money, please do yourself a big favor and do not get scammed at those currency exchange boots at the airport. Get a travel rewards credit card (with no foreign transaction fee) or a checking account at Charles Shwab and simply take out a large chunk of bills at the nearest ATM machine (usually at baggage claim). You’ll save a lot of moula, I can assure you.

Download XE Currency

Bored Panda – Locate Free Airport Wifi

Stranded in an airport and need WiFi but either the coffee shops are closed or you don’t want to purchase an over-priced cappuccino? Locate and click the airport you’re in on the map and voila – a wifi username and password will appear! This genius site on Bored Panda was made by a computer security engineer and the map already has 130 airports, with new airports still being added. And be sure to jot down the WiFi information before you arrive at the airport. 😉 Just in case, there is also an offline downloadable version of the site.

Google Translate – Language Barriers

Google Translate is one of my favorite apps when I travel.  My favorite is Word Lens tool, where you can aim your camera at a foreign word and the text will transform it to your own language! For reals.  If you’re also interested in picking up a new language (but may not have the time or resources for immersive classes), download the Duolingo app! Whether you have 5 free minutes or 30, it’s super easy to learn a new language with Duolingo.

Download Google Translate (Apple)

Download Google Translate (Android)

Score Cheap Flights

Aside from my favorites (SkyScanner, Momondo, and Kayak), I book the majority of my cheap flights through these three sites:


Super easy. View a month or year on the calendar and score the lowest fares.

Download Hopper (Apple)

Download Hopper (Google Play)

The Flight Deal

The Flight Deal and Scott’s Cheap Flights is how I usually book my cheapest flights. My latest splurge was a $300 round trip ticket to Amsterdam from New York for 3 weeks. That ticket usually costs anywhere from $800 to $2,000. If you like saving money and don’t mind having a few emails sent to your inbox, I recommend signing up to their newsletter and email lists. They’ll email you flight deals that have just gone out. To get the best deals, you should have your fingers and credit card ready to sign up within 2 hours of the email being sent, but it is so worth it for the price tag!

Scott’s Cheap Flights

The Flight Deal – Get on their email list here

Scott’s Cheap Flights – Get on their email list here

I hope all of this information helps you on your upcoming travels! As I am always preaching, I do not come from money nor do I earn a ton. I simply research, travel hack using my credit cards, and read a lot of travel blogs! If you have any questions, please free to message or comment below! And feel free to share this post with friends 🙂


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