Travel Guide: Best Things to Do in Bath, England

December 15, 2019

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Best Things to Do in Bath, England U.K.

Before venturing on my solo trip to Bath, England in the U.K., I researched extensively for the best things to do, see and eat well in advance. And while I was able to hit many of the boutiques and Jane Austen spots on my list, I was also able to find time for spontaneity and discovery. And isn’t discovery the best, most memorable part of traveling to new places?

From small boutiques and lush gardens not mentioned online, to local restaurants and charming bookshops, here is my travel guide to the best things to do for fellow bookworms, nature-lovers and Jane Austen fans in Bath, U.K. 

Bath England Argyle Street photographed by Helena Woods

magaleria in bath london

Bath England is Straight From a Jane Austen Novel

This beautiful city has been a leading destination since the Romans constructed their natural baths here in 70 A.D.

While I didn’t visit the famous Gainsborough Bath Spa or Thermal Bath Spa, I did spend a lot of my time strolling, eating, and reading.

And aside from being the center of wellbeing and wellness in the U.K., Bath is filled with eclectic independent vintage and artisan shops.

And for any Jane Austen fans out there, England is a heavenly place to travel back in time and revisit Jane’s steps.

Bath’s stunning honey-colored Georgian architecture is straight from a Jane Austen novel.

Here are the best things to do in Bath, England

Bath Argyle Street photographed by Helena Woods

Best Food Spots in Bath, England

Society Cafe – for delicious hot cocoa, baked goods, and the best rocky road fudge

The Whole Bagel – the best bagel I’ve ever had in my life. Order “Meg’s Swiss Special” – it’s so delicious I got it twice!

Good Day Bakery – delightful cakes and scrumptious baked goods

Regency Tea Room – high tea…for the Jane Austen lovers

Underwood – elegant, peaceful spot with plenty of hygge character. Located on Argyle Street

Society Cafe in Bath photographed by Helena Woods

Bath Favorite Things to Do

Stroll the artisan shops on Walcot Street and Argyle Street

Tour Jane Austen’s Favorite Spots: 4 Sydney Place and Sydney Gardens (watch out for the steam train!)

Visit the Royal Crescent 

Stroll the Majestic “Circus”

Get Lost in leafy Royal Victoria Park

Where to Stay in Bath, England

I stayed in a lovely private Airbnb near a park with the most wonderful snuggly cat. There are some seriously beautiful Airbnb’s on offer in Bath for reasonable prices. Plus, if you sign up using this link, you can take $30 off your first stay! Yay!

Bath Argyle Street photographed by Helena Woods

Best Thing to Do in Bath, England: Royal Victoria Park

My absolute favorite – and personally, I believe to be the best  – thing to do in Bath, England is to stroll peacefully back in time through Royal Victoria Park.

One of my favorite parks in the world, I spent almost half a day here strolling through the Botanical garden, foraging for twigs and fallen leaves, and gazing in awe at the neon green grass.

I finished my peaceful, reflective solo stroll through Royal Victoria with some delightful moments tasting the plants from the edible plant garden the city has planted and admiring a massive spider spin his web.

I absolutely recommend making a trip to this local park in Bath!

photograph of Royal Victoria Park

October Autumn leaves in Royal Victoria Park massive striped spider spinning web in England Bath England edible plant garden at Royal Victoria Park

Royal Victoria Park in Bath in October Autumn 

I Loved Visiting Bath, England

Visiting Bath was one of those special places I’ve always dreamt of traveling to one day. I had the most wonderful solo trip to Bath, exploring Jane Austen’s history and basking in the most delightful tea and “pleasure gardens” while here. And I even picked up a beautiful set of Jane Austen novels from the 1800s for 20 pounds total! Such a lovely way to end my trip. 

If you’d like to follow more of my adventures in England through video, check out my Youtube channel here. 

Best Things to do in Bath, England U.K.

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