Ostuni is in the south of the Puglia region in Italy, just a quick day trip from Bari. This old town perfect to get lost in it’s winding alleyways, country views and hills, and it became a lovely day trip for Alex and me as its peaceful quietness was much appreciated after staying in Bari for a week. 

Getting Lost in Ostuni Italy’s Old Town

We took a 30 minute train from Bari Central station and hopped on the local shuttle bus outside of the Ostuni train station to reach the old town – the white hilltop village. We wandered the dandelion and tulip fields looking out over the city, got lost countless times and asked everyone for directions before retracing our steps. We picked up a map from the tourist office and even met the stray kittens along the way. We sipped cappuccinos and Alex picked up his double chocolate gelato at Caffe Fadi before we headed home.

Local Cheeses in Puglia Italy Ostuni

France is often known for its delicious cheeses, but I have to disagee for Italy’s soft and subtle cheeses have stolen my heart. While in the Puglia region like Bari and Poligamo a Mare, I’ve been able to try all the local fresh cheeses that the Italians swear by: ricotta artigianale, milky mozzarelle, pecorino pugliese, burrata, scamorze caciocavallo, burratine, and frise. My personal favorite happens to be a creamy burrato and stringy, soft stracciatella. I enjoyed plenty of these cheeses while in Italy the last weeks as well as plenty of olive oil-drenched sundried tomatoes, bruschetta and tarallini crackers. I devoured plenty of stracciatella cheese on toast at Cicinedda Fruit Bistrot after our long day of walking up and down hills.

Because I Always Have to Hitchhike…

Heading back I, of course, had to stick out my thumb, much to Alex’s embarrassment. While he doesn’t yet fully understand the gift that hitchhiking in a foreign country offers, I happen to love hitching rides from friendly locals. While I would never hitchhike alone, if I am traveling with someone I trust, I giddily enjoy rising shotgun, endlessly chatting and meeting the local people in each new place I visit.

I’ve befriended plenty of wonderful souls while grabbing rides from people in Carcassone, Fussen, Paris, Bali, and now Ostuni. Sometimes even on the back of a Vespa like that time I backpacked through Milan! There are so many wonderful adventures to be had, and hitchhiking always offers me a peek at an authentic travel experience. 

Photographs of Puglia Italy: Ostuni


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Photographs of Puglia Italy: Ostuni


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