I'm an American expat, writer. photographer. and old-fashioned romantic in love with celebrating the simple joys of daily life. I appreciate timelessness, the natural world, and a slow life lived with simplicity and intention. When I'm not photographing families or  slowly traveling the world and writing about it in a little notebook, I'm happily grounding myself in nature and cozying up with my sweet husband.


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I usually hate saying the word “bucket list” because I believe in slow, intentional travel more than just checking off places on a list. For me personally, there has to be a purpose for traveling somewhere. I love adventure, but I don’t like fast-paced adventures where I’m not able to get my daily 8 hours of sleep each night, as I was forced to learn on a rough adventure, while living on Felucca sail boat in Egypt.

While I’d love to live Lara Croft’s life of climbing tall cliffs and rebelling across exotic seas, I’m also realistic. Many of these places on my list are inspired by my favorite stories, bloggers, video games, and the good ol’ inspiring Chrome extension Momentum. 

But here it is: my travel bucket list for the 2020s. (But let’s be real – this is pretty much my entire life’s bucket list, so I’m including all of these for 2020 and beyond.) Here we go!

Helena Woods Photography | Travel Iceland Airplane

Helena Woods Photography | Iceland

Zhangjiajie, China



Hike the Lost City Trek, Colombia

Prince Edward Island 

Banff Jasper National Park, Canada

Capetown, South Africa


Tuscany, Italy (with Alex)

Shirakawa-go, Japan 

the Amazon Rainforest in Peru


Etretat, France

Loire Valley, France and Chateau Country 

Savannah, Georgia

All of beautiful Oregon

Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando

Kanisfluh, Austria

Finnish Lapland

Dolomites, Italy

New Zealand 

Stairway to Heaven – Oahu, Hawaii

Places I’ll actually get around to in the year 2020? 

Finnish Lapland

Brittany, France


Kanisfluh, Austria

Here’s to an adventurous, energizing and peaceful decade. Welcome to the ’20s!


My Life’s Travel Bucket List in the 2020s and Beyond

January 4, 2020


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I'm Helena! As a creative storyteller, I document magical, emotionally honest family and children's portraiture. A lover of childhood, fairytales and natural light, I photograph families across the world. I'm the ultimate Disney nerd, and I'm obsessed with cats and expressing my love for the simple joys of slow, daily life.

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Check out all my favorite photography gear, travel must-haves, resources, books I love, business hacks and so much more!

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Helena Woods is a destination newborn and family photographer based in France and New England and travels worldwide. She is known for her natural light, modern classic, and emotive photography style.










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