Happy April! This month is one of my favorite months of the year – not only because of the warmer temperatures, the cherry blossoms, and that fresh air smell that accompanies the new rain during the beginning of Spring. But because it is National Card and Letter Writing Month! Being an avid letter-writer, I try to write 1 letter a month to a friend or family member. In high school, I had pen pals with old friends who moved overseas. In college, I spent my free time either writing in a journal, on my personal blog, or sitting in the library writing letter after letter. Writing feels like home to me. These are a few reasons why you should send a letter this month!

Sends Joy to Others

Do you remember the last time you received a handwritten postcard, letter or card from a friend in the mail? Probably not, am I right? Letter writing is a lost art these days. And it’s such a pity considering how much joy and happiness it can bring to another individual. Something as simple as writing a note down and sending it in the mail. Reading their handwriting…it feels so personal. It’s as if you touch them through a piece of paper! And not only does it spread happiness to them, studies have shown that writing a letter to a friend boosts your happiness!

Confirms Relationship

If you receive a letter or card from someone in the mail, you can bet that person cares about you and your friendship. We live in a hyper-speed world with access to friends, acquaintances, even celebrities through a quick tap on our phones. It’s easy to connect with others thanks to technology. But connecting with others so quickly with easy access online seems to make it less valuable. If we can connect with hundreds, if not thousands of people at once, why are any of these individuals considered special or important to you? Sitting down with a pen and paper and writing your thoughts to a specific person is connection at its finest.

Connects your Intuition through Hand-Writing

My go-to way to maintain alignment and connection with my intuition is through handwriting. Journaling and conversing with my higher spirits through writing instantly helps me figure out solutions to problems, answer questions that my human/ego mind is confused about and simply helps me let go and breathe. Handwriting is therapeutic and like a form of meditation if you think about it! It’s a powerful way to connect with your higher power.

Helps Emotional Expression

I don’t know about you, but I find it much easier to communicate my feelings through writing than talking about them! It can be challenging to communicate difficult emotions face-to-face with someone and writing helps gets those feelings out without feeling guilty about how you sound! It’s a release of words. It’s also beneficial to take the time to pause and reflect over your thoughts as you catch up your handwriting

It’s Easy to Do!

What is so great about writing letters and cards is how easy it is to do!  It costs hardly anything to send love and appreciation to people you card about; all you need is a pen, a piece of paper, an envelope and a stamp! As for the gift-lovers out there, I personally think it’s more meaningful and special to receive a personal hand written letter of love and appreciation through the mail than to receive an material possession that you might not even want or need. Letters you can cherish forever. They hardly occupy any space, and they hold treasured stories from the past. How more special can you get?

Let me know if the comments below if you were able to mail out a card or a letter to a friend this month! And happy National Letter Writing Month! Let’s be pen pals 🙂

Are you a big letter-writer like me? Are you planning to write and mail out a letter or card this month?

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

April 10, 2018


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