This September, Alex and I made the big move to our new home for the next two years – Strasbourg, France! What a whirlwind it’s been. With this huge life change, add to the fact that just before we:

  • got married

  • finished our 15 month lease in our first home in Old Town Alexandria (Washington D.C.)

  • sold all of our furniture

  • packed up the rest  of our possessions and fit it all into Alexs dad’s car

  • went off to Egypt for our two month honeymoon

  • spent a week in Paris


What Brought Us to Strasbourg

For those of you who don’t know, Alex got an amazing job offer from the University of Strasbourg for the next few years. He is the “maitre de langue anglais” English professor at the university. 

 I’ve written  a blog post

 on all the specific details of the job and the city we now live in, which I wrote just after we got the offer! Obviously it was no a brainer for me – I have always dreamed of living long-term in Europe and Strasbourg is such a beautiful, picturesque and cultured city that we simply could not turn it down. Everything just flowed and aligned so perfectly, and ease-fully and we could not be happier to live here now! I’m also getting quite the treat of being able to focus full-time on running my photography business (such a blessing after juggling this business on the side with my million other jobs over the past three years), blogging and creating income through online avenues.

Getting Settled

In the two weeks that we’ve lived here, we’ve explored and wandered the entire city on foot, met the famous storks (our city bird!) and flamingos and monkeys at the gorgeous Parc de L’orangerie, met a new friend at the University, found the best deals at our nearby grocery store, saw an independent film that hasn’t come out in the United States yet  [Under the Silver Lake – Andrew Garfield is not hard on the eyes…;)], went to a 1930s Lindy Hop dance class event and a free walking tour of the city, and we decorated our entire home (from which you can take a glimpse of here)!


While it is still taking some time to adjust, Strasbourg is beginning to feel like home. Sure, it is a bit hard getting around as I don’t speak French, and I miss having conversations (any conversation!) with new people, but I have found some Facebook groups, and I signed up to volunteer at the local animal shelter in town. We have bright yellow cornfields behind our home, and the city is ALIVE with museums, small artist shops, and free music events. Plus, Strasbourg is home to the biggest and oldest Christmas market in the world, and there is so much to look forward to with our upcoming travels!


With all that is going on in our lives, I wanted to invite you guys into our adventure and show you exactly what we’ve been up to!  I made a video of our quick trip through Paris and move to Strasbourg – you can watch it below! I hope you guys enjoy this sneak peek into our new life! Let me know what you think, and if you have any questions about the move and Strasbourg (or Europe, in general), feel free to comment below, and I’d love to answer any and all questions! 🙂

Enjoy the journey!

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Our Move From the United States to Strasbourg, France!

September 12, 2018


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