How to Get Photos of Yourself While Traveling Solo

October 30, 2017

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Having photos of iconic landmarks and sweeping countryside landscapes are great, but there is something so special about having a snapshot of yourself with that stunning background on your travels. I mean, if you didn’t photograph it, it didn’t happen…right? I love looking back on my memories from my trips through photographs and seeing myself age through the years; the emotions captured on camera are priceless. However, it can often be tricky getting great photos when you’re traveling solo. Here are my top ways on how to get photos of yourself!

1. Plug into Wi-Fi

My personal favorite way to get shots of me on my solo travels, I use Wi-Fi! How is this even possible? In this digital age, a lot of cameras have integrated wifi through which you download an app on to your phone (mine, for example, is the EOS Remote app) and you can literally get a live preview of what is on your camera screen. (you heard that right.) You can focus the image, adjust the settings, and take the picture directly from your smart phone! Through Wi-Fi, you can also download your images from the camera onto your phone within seconds. It makes it super easy to edit and post on the ‘gram while you’re on the road traveling and don’t want to lug out your heavy laptop.

2. The Embarassing-To-Be-Seen-With-You Selfie Stick

Yeah…we all know that person that has a #selfiestick. (Psst. I’m one of ’em) I’ve had my fair share of opinions on the selfie-stick. Sometimes I encounter way too many tourists pushing and shoving their sticks in other people’s faces, but other times, as much as I hate to admit it, I can totally see why this little device can be worth having. As a solo traveler, one can not go wrong without it. can seriously up your selfie game. As a solo traveler, this may be just what you need to get more epic photos of yourself!  A 3 way mount is a perfect stick to travel with, as it acts as a grip, arm, and a tripod.

3. The Self- Timer

One of my favorite ways to capture a good photo, I use either the self timer and a tripod. DSLRS and smart phones can delay taking a photo for a few seconds (usually 2-10 seconds) so you can jump on in the frame! As a solo traveler, this is a must. I often bring along my Manfrotto BeFree, but you do not need a fancy tripod to get photos of yourself! Get creative and find some stable objects around you that you can prop your camera baby on! You can find yourself a bench, a sturdy tree branch, a thick rail or step. Putting it on the ground isn’t always ideal for beautiful framing, but if you find an object (or even using an item that you’ve carried along with you) that is at the height that you want the photo, that’s great! I love the Manfrotto BeFree because it’s so light and sturdy – perfect for travel, but I’ve also heard great things about the Joby Gorillapod (small, bendable tripod and you can wrap it around objects like poles or trees to get the exact angle you want).

4. Ask Nicely!

It’s not awkward unless you make it so! I have made countess friends on my solo trips abroad from simply asking someone to take a photo of me. And I’ve gotten some of my best pictures of me thanks to these new friends.

• Ask your travel buddy! If you’re traveling solo, ask someone nearby. Don’t ask someone who looks like they might steal your camera. Rely on your intuition. Is this someone you think you could trust? Graciously smile, and don’t forget to say please and thanks! They are capturing memories that’ll last forever, after all! 🙂

• Ask your new friend to take multiple images. Change up your pose, be silly, and get a lot of variety of images, so you can pick the best one to your liking!

• Find someone nearby who actually has a DSLR! More than likely, they will have some sort of knowledge of taking a decent photo.

• Set up the camera first! Double check that the focus is clear, exposure is ready, and kindly mention how you would like the photo framed. The last thing you want is to waste time and getting a bunch of over-exposed, blurry images where you can’t even see the famous landmark behind you.


I hope that helps you get some snazzy photos of yourself on your adventures! Photos are my favorite souvenirs. Without them, I would never be able to look back longingly at my memories. Go out there and snap away, and remember that you’ll be looking back at these images years from now. 🙂





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