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Picking Your Season for Annual Family Portraits

October 7, 2019

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family in fall leaves with Fairfield CT family photographer Helena Woods

As a seasonal family photographer primarily based in Fairfield CT New England, I follow the natural changes and progressions of the seasons. Just as winter gently encourages us to rest, so does my photography studio. 

I love to share the behind-the-scenes of the HWP studio, and I thought with our studio closing up our outdoor sessions for winter in a few months I’d share what a typical year schedule looks like it is like for a natural light photographer…

Life as a Seasonal Outdoor Photographer in Fairfield CT

Being a seasonal on-location photographer means it’s harder to photograph kids at their happiest during certain times of the year. Because our studio uniquely specializes in family and children’s photography, it’s my job to make sure the kids are happy during their session.

Kids are completely natural and unabashedly themselves – one of the many reasons why I love photographing kids so much! And you can bet that if the weather is bitterly cold, they will show their true feelings about it on their face.

There is no hiding those chattering teeth and frowns. This tends to be a major reason why 90% of my shoots happen in the spring, summer and autumn months.

mother and child hugging photographed by Darien Connecticut family photographer Helena Woods

When is the Best Time for Outdoor Family Photos in Fairfield CT?

The HWP studio is open for outdoor family portraits in Fairfield County CT and worldwide from April – November. Here’s a breakdown of what happens during each month.


Busy season…and for good reason!

As every CT family photographer knows, October and November are the busiest and most exciting times in our schedules. The air is crisp and perfect, and families just love being outdoors and enjoying the rich colors of the season. This is the popular route for the vast majority of the families that book with me.

That magical, milky blur of vibrant oranges, reds and yellows in the background truly make my images pop! And families in CT just love the vibrancy of these colors, which makes them ideal for holiday and Christmas cards.

fall leaves in the park with Fairfield CT family photographer Helena Woods

Spring and Summer

Cherry blossom season (usually in late April) in New York City is another busy time for my studio, as well as early summer into July. As my studio is primarily based in Fairfield CT, I travel often to NYC for spring Cherry Blossom sessions. 

I just love those lush greens, shorts and polos, and everyone always just seems happier in photos in the summer – could be all that glorious, dazzling sun.

Not to mention those summer family shoots on the cape or Nantucket! Whether that be a summer home or just for a relaxing vacation, if you’re looking to have those precious, candid moments of your family photographed, 

The days are also long in the summertime, giving us those extra hours to play with during our shoots. I can never complain about summer sunsets either – those rich blues, oranges and pastel pinks that sweep the sky in July and August are just breathtaking.

portraits in the vineyards of Wettolsheim Alsace France with Family Photographer Helena Woods


As a family photographer in Fairfield CT New England, when winter arrives it suddenly becomes “Newborn Season.” Not only are many mamas giving birth this time of year, but the bare trees allow plenty of light to enter homes, giving me that glorious natural light to work with while photographing families indoors.

This is the time I primarily photograph newborns, “Baby’s 1st year” sessions, and lifestyle at-home family sessions.

Our studio’s “Day-in-the-Life” sessions also mainly happen during the winter months. For CT New England families that desire those precious moments of putting on pajamas, bubble bath and story time, and tucking in before bed – my photojournalistic, lifestyle approach allows me to document these fun moments that always seem to fly by way too soon.

Morning sessions are a popular favorite for families that want those memories of making pancakes and early morning playtime documented. So fun!

Helena Woods, Connecticut, NYC, Greenwich Fairfax County, France Paris Children's photographer, shares a few sneak peeks from a recent at home baby milestone session in Strasbourg France. Children's Photographer

Book a Family Photographer in Fairfield CT New England 

If you’re interested in booking a winter family or baby session with me in Fairfield CT New England – whether that be a newborn shoot in CT or my documentary “Day-in-the-Life” sessions, make sure to contact the studio now to book a slot!

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A few teasers from a recent CT Fall family “mini holiday” session

toddler laughing with grandma with Helena Woods Photography family photos in the Fall with Fairfield CT family photographer Helena Woods fall leaves in the park with Fairfield CT family photographer Helena Woods Helena Woods photographing kid jumping in autumn foilage toddler laughing with grandma with Helena Woods Photography


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