There is something to be said about the comparison game on social media and the importance of keeping your head down. Now more than ever, it’s easy to compare your life and your successes to other people thanks to status updates, online videos, blogs and photographs. Whether it’s influencers you admire or the people you still follow from high school: why are we comparing our lives to theirs? Why is it that when others win, we always seem to focus on what we haven’t done or achieved? I’m just like every other multi-passionate entrepreneur/social media-lover/millennial out there: I love pursuing lots of  different interests and passions and when I see others on Instagram that have triple times the following (if not, a million times the following), I immediately wonder A.) how did they get there and B.) why hasn’t what I’ve done worked out like their lives seem to. It immediately takes me out of my positive alignment and puts me in a deep puddle of oh-woe-is-me. And let me tell you, friends, that famous statement is true: comparison is the thief of joy.

I still struggle with comparison on social media in my day-to-day life. It’s true! Because I love sharing photos and quotes and books I’m currently reading, and I love connecting with others online so much (helloooo introvert), that I often feel trapped in it. In fact, I recently unfollowed 700 photographers and other social media influencers on Instagram, because I didn’t want to see their posts and feel the need to compare their success to my own everyday. It’s just so easy to, right? I love using Instagram to feel uplifted and inspired, not negative and insecure about my current life circumstances, which is why I now only follow 159 fellow artists and entrepreneurs that leave me feeling motivated and good. I also began setting boundaries for myself on social media by only checking my Instagram once in the evening after work and Facebook once or twice a week. I’ve fallen in love with the app Moment that tells users how long they’ve been on their phone everyday in comparison to other days. Curious what my time has been? I went from being on my phone 2.5 hours a day to now 25 minutes a day. Such a drastic change, and I’m telling ya: I can feel its lifting effect on me ever since.

My friends who read this dear blog: we were never made to do the same things. We were never made to be the same person. Or pursue the same career or goals or lifestyle. We weren’t mean to look the same or follow the same timeline as another. We were meant to be different.  To celebrate our uniqueness in our own way. To follow our strengths and pursue the unique joys that make our hearts feel excited to be alive. Because to distance ourselves from that inner voice and specialness is a disservice to our unique beings and a waste of our time. Keep your head down, listen to your heart and celebrate YOU – in all the ways that you should be celebrated.

Tips and Steps to Avoid Comparison:

  • Get off social media. Delete the apps or set specific times a day when you can check.
  • Unfollow the people who make you feel unworthy or uninspired. Create intentional groups on Facebook, so you can check up on their lives intentionally rather than automatically.
  • Turn your social media notifications OFF and download the app Moment to keep track of how much of your life you’re exchanging for screen time.
  • Remember that someone else’s success does not equal your failure.
  • Keep your head down and listen to your own heart and intuition with every choice you make. Own your uniqueness.

Keeping Your Head Down and Ways to Avoid Social Media Comparison

March 22, 2018


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