Although I have 6 months to go before I turn 24 (seriously. where is the time going?!), I am feeling very nostalgic for my younger days and all the memories and experiences I’ve made during these past few years. I suppose it is why I keep this blog: it’s a record for my daily life and all the photographs and exciting memories, mishaps and lessons I’ve had in my youth. I choose to not forget them, and writing and creating videos is a way for me to reminisce.

These were my top 24 items that I believe everyone should do before turning 24. There is something really exhilarating about skinny dipping and I’m a big believer that you should have a professional portrait of yourself in your late teens and early twenties (because it’s all downhill from here, folks). Becoming independent and courageous are personal values I hold deeply. Figuratively being able to stand on your own two feet, without assistance from others, and going off on your own are things I have had to learn since I was a child. And it is something we all have to face. Whether that’s treating yourself to a table for one or hopping on a plane to another city or country. Being brave is being afraid of something and doing it anyway. I am afraid every time I venture out alone to another country by myself. I become socially anxious when families and couples look at me in surprise when I walk into a fancy restaurant and eat by myself. But because it brings me joy,  I choose to do it anyway. Again and again.

Treat yourself to a lavish meal at a restaurant that you can’t afford. Alone. (Because you are worth it.)

Experience the wonders of the sea and go scuba diving or snorkeling

Write a list of 25 things you’re grateful for

Stay out all. night. long.

Foster a sick animal

Go wild camping

Create a project you’ve always wanted to start….and finish it.

Buy a one-way ticket to a country you’ve always wanted to visit

Open up an IRA Roth Retirement account and start a financial portfolio

Go skydiving

Plan a day of urban exploration

Eat an exotic new food

Observe the stars

Volunteer at an organization that resonates with your values

Go to Disney World with a group of friends

Take a trip to a new destination by yourself

Climb a mountain or volcano at sunrise

Create a financial budget for your future self

Get yourself a passport

Express your thoughts in a journal or blog as a creative outlet

Go skinny dipping

Take a sleeper train across the country

Have your portraits professionally taken

Fearlessly pursue your heart without hesitation

What are some courageous things you dream of doing? Let’s chase our fears, together.

<3 Helena

24 Courageous Things to Do Before Turning 24

December 14, 2017


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