Find where you most thrive in the world. 

Astrocartography is the astrology of place. Often used for those that wish to relocate or travel, it's a powerful tool to determine where in the world is best for you to thrive  energetically, in different areas of your life. 

Travel & Relocation Astrology 

As an astrologer, I combine my skillset and knowledge in traditional Hellenistic astrological techniques with astrocartography to find the most supportive places for you to call home. I use professional astrocartography software and consider both natal A*C*G lines, parans and local space lines, in addition to analyzing your unique natal chart.

You'll receive an in-depth private video session exploring your soul's astrological blueprint in the world. 

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See where is best for you to feel peace, spiritual growth & receive healing 

what you'll learn

Right place at the right time? Discover where you are luckiest in love & career




Home lines: See areas where it's best to buy property, retire or settle down 


Want to shine bright? Look to places for more exposure and abundance 


See the parans, local space and planetary lines in places you're curious to travel to


When you move or travel to a supportive line, everything in life changes. Mine did.

Originally from San Diego, and after having lived on 7 different planetary lines,  I now live in France where I call home. Through my years of traveling across the globe,  studying and tracking the data in my own life and the lives of others, I've seen firsthand how accurate astrocartography is. I've seen how I found love, and experienced healing and career abundance on my positive lines and dealt through challenge and intensity on harder lines. 

DIFFICULT LINES...i've been there. 


How Readings Works

Fill out the Acuity form below with your exact birth information. I will then take some time to study your natal chart and map using my professional astro software and prepare some notes for you.

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During our 1 hour call, I will share which places would feel most joyous and ease-filled, using both your unique natal chart, relocated chart, ACG natal lines, parans and local space lines on your map. 

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After the session you will receive a video and audio recording of your session, which you can download and save for future reference. Trust me, you'll want to come back to these notes!

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Your reading includes a 1 hour consultation with me on Zoom and includes an audio and video recording of our call sent to you via email for future reference.

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Client Thoughts

"I gained huge clarity and realization gains. Helena was just an amazing energy to talk to, very understanding, very patient and straight to the point.

I felt extremely lost and confused before talking to Helena, and she helped me to explain why all the negative events kept happening in my life and where should I relocate in order to be more successful. I highly recommend her.



"The explanations that she gave me were really clear about each country and each astro line.

I am really glad that Helena confirmed for me that New Zealand and Australia are two really great places for me. I felt great knowing this. It gave me a lot of perspectives about my life in the past and also in the present."



 When you talked about moving west like Wyoming, Colorado, Austin Texas area, I felt a knowingness. When something like this comes up multiple times and comes up again from a reading, I have to pay attention to that! 


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Helena makes you feel like the main character in your life and it was so refreshing to receive so much excitement, honesty and love in a reading. Her energy is full of light and integrity. You can tell she is meant to be offering these services to the world!


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I had an idea about specific places and was amazed that they were totally aligned with me. I tend to wait for a reason to do something, and the reading with you gave me courage to pursue my dream! 


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what others have said

Taurus sun, Leo moon, with Jupiter on my Scorpio ascendant

My natal promise is to uplift, inspire and connect with people one-on-one in the areas of astrology and travel. As an astrologer, I give grounded guidance for those that wish to live with more ease in places that best support them. An avid student of astrology since 2011, I began offering client readings in 2021, having found that my greatest fulfillment comes from connecting and supporting others, offering clarity through relocation and the natal promise. I've lived on 7 different planetary lines and have seen first hand how astrocartography after living abroad. 


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