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Helena's Intuitive Living bundle will help you slow down your life and gain clarity. If you've struggled with listening to your intuition, or need help in trusting yourself as you slow down your life, this bundle will tune you in. Filled with 14 guided meditations to help you access your subconscious mind, a slow living video challenge and her signature 60+ page Slow Living workbook, this bundle will leave you feeling calm, regulated and in connection with your intuition.

Gain Clarity From Your Wisdom Within

it's time to
trust yourself. 

The mini course has supported me so much! I am being more present and have managed to slowly live while being a lecturer working full time. The workbook has really guided me and the meditations I go back to them all the time! Thank you in bringing my peace and calm to me daily life.

— Chloe

"I can now listen to my intuition!"

Before we can trust, we must release fear along with any limitations that are blocking us from our intuition. In my meditations and journal, I will guide you to drop the doubts, release any fear that arises and cut any cords or past fears in order to create space for the new. Get ready for a big shift.

Do you know what your soul really wants? In my guided meditations, ebook and workbook, I'll walk you through step-by-step how to find your core values, unique life purpose, the energy of your authentic self and how to better connect with your inner essence anytime. Each piece of art works in tandem with one another to create a deeper soul connection.

Here's What You'll Gain

Drop the Doubts

Know Yourself

step 1

step 2

Now let's connect with our divine feminine. It's time to trust. Helena will teach you through her video modules and digital ebook, how the magic flows into our lives when we let go and surrender. Plus, get access to 2 BONUS meditations: full moon release and new moon intentions.

Surrender and Trust

step 4

It's time to tap into the masculine: here's where we call in COURAGE. Learn how to make decisions intuitively with ease. In this bundle, you'll learn exactly how to set your boundaries, know your worth and clear space in your life to make way for new abundant energy to pour through. 

Find Courage

step 3

soul rememberance

Study at your own pace

downloadable workbook

get helena's 44+ page ebook

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14 guided meditations, channeled + recorded by Helena

5 video lessons on how to slow down and connect
with your inner voice

1 beautifully designed 60+ page workbook with guided prompts to help you quiet the noise and get clear

1 digital ebook on how to practically live a slow, intuitive life anywhere

What this bundle includes...


This      for you if:

you feel burnt out by the hustle of life's responsibilities

you don't like listening to guided meditations

you don't know how to to listen to your intuition

YOU'RE NOT WILLING to implement these practical tips in your life

you're ready to feel more connected and at peace with yourself 

It's probably       for you if...

this seems too "woo" for you



It's probably
for you if...

Allow Helena's soothing voice to transport you to a place of remembrance. In these guided meditations, Helena walks you through different magical places in nature to easily allow answers to float up through your subconscious mind. Learn your star origins, your soul contracts, your higher purpose, and more in this magically infused soul guided stories. 

Meditation awakens our soul remembrance.

these aren't like normal meditations.
This is soul - storytelling.

14 meditations recorded by helena

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your intuition isn't aligned?

I'm Helena, your new kindred spirit.

Free-spirit, author, astrocartographer and all around creative in love with documenting the simple joys of life. I am passionate about noticing light and truth around me and reflecting it back to others.

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