American Expat Living in France

Thanks for visiting my blog as I share more behind-the-scenes of my life while living the American expat life in Strasbourg France, Alsace! Below you’ll find a few favorite blog posts to help you with your journey moving to France.

Best Places to Visit in Strasbourg France

Living in France Blog Post Roundup!


How to Move to France

Everything You Need to Know About Taxes, Visa, Healthcare in France

American’s Perspective on Living in Strasbourg, France

5 Cultural and Lifestyle Differences Between America and France

Strasbourg France & Living in Alsace

Expat Guide to Moving and Settling in Strasbourg 

Best Restaurants and Cafes in Strasbourg France

Christmas in Strasbourg France (photos)

Nearby Christmas Villages in Alsace

Colmar, France Christmas Market

Guide to the Famous Strasbourg Christmas Market Vlog (video)

Thoughts on Our Second Christmas in Strasbourg Alsace (plus vlog)

Our First Apartment Tour in Strasbourg France 

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Strasbourg France video

Expat Life in Strasbourg, France

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