No purpose to productivity? Did I just say that?!

Yep, yes I did! Let’s dive into it….

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This past week I’ve been feeling abnormally frustrated with myself for not wanting to do….more. 

I feel so energized, motivated and just like I’m brimming with ideas for sharing joy with you.

Since the Lunar Eclipse, I’ve been feeling like a brand new person with a fresh, clean slate given to me. Isn’t that the most glorious feeling? Feeling as if it’s the very beginning of a new chapter?

Truly, I wake up every day feeling like it’s the first day of school. A new day! A new day to have fun and try something new! Whether it’s performing intense research on an obscure topic I didn’t know anything about, listening to new podcasts, new music or going out for a drive to a neighborhood I’ve never explored, I treat everyday as if there is something new to learn and explore. Each day is a miraculous gift. Morbid or not, I tackle my days as if they were my last days on Earth, and I love to do new things, soaking in knowledge and experiences like a foamy, bright yellow sponge! 

And a lot of those activities that bring me joy are also those that give service to others. Even if it’s just making my husband breakfast, writing a handwritten letter to a friend, making muffins for my neighbors or writing a blog post. Those acts of service bring me a lot of joy and encourage me to be more productive in my daily life. 

But to be honest, I’m also naturally a very lazy person. (Taurus, here!) If I don’t have the motivation to do something, the why narrowed down, I won’t have a fire lit under my butt! I’ll meditate, journal, do all of my homemaking tasks, procrastinate on writing my novel and then go hike up my nearby mountain all afternoon.

And lately, I’ve noticed I’ve been feeling like I’m not doing enough. Like I’m not creating enough or actively trying to make more money for my family!

But I want to tackle this issue. Let’s examine the root of productivity. *takes out magnifying glass*

Why do we want to be more productive? 

I think the obvious answer is: we desire to be productive to DO. Something. Anything! We want to get more things done in our lives.  But my question is….why. Why in the world do we even want to get more things done??

I think this comes down to three reasons:

To make money.
To contribute something to the world.
To feel accomplished and good about ourselves.

But I believe the biggest motivator for most people is money.

Most people choose to be productive to make a substantial income, or at least, enough so that they can have savings. 

But when we put aside the money aspect, which we all I’m sure to agree is vital to a comfortable and stable life….this life, is really just about experiencing pure joy and fun and then sharing that joy with others. 

We have to acknowledge that there might not even be any purpose to life, to any of this! And that’s okay.

I’m deeply spiritual. I actively pray to God and I write to my inner voice all the time! But I also acknowledge that there is a lot we don’t know and that in itself is a beautiful thing. I have immense faith in something greater. And yet, I also am completely open to the idea that I might be wrong. 

Looking big picture at the universe, our human existence, our reason for being here on this planet: is there even a purpose toward being productive?

There is No Purpose to Productivity

Personally, I have come to realize that there is no purpose to productivity. This doesn’t mean that I think we shouldn’t take daily action steps towards reaching our goals or improving our lives….not at all! Self-improvement is my jam! And I’m also not encouraging laziness. 

This just means we don’t have to put any pressure on ourselves to be productive….ever.

Because in reality there is no purpose to productivity. Money is money. It will come and it will go. Just as the season change, money will ebb and it will flow. It can leave your life just as quickly as you’ve earned it, and it can appear just as quickly as you’ve wished for it.

Our lives are short. We will live, we will die. But the joy and varied experiences we lived through is what matters.

Those present-moment feelings and experiences, those we spend alone and those we share with others, is all that matters at the end of the day. 

It makes me wonder…

I’ve been frustrated by my lack of productivity lately because I’m a maker through and through. I grew up an only child. And when I wasn’t playing with the neighborhood kids or throwing “dance parties” in my garage, I was writing stories on sidewalk corners, putting on plays in the alley and making things with whatever I could find. I’m naturally always desiring to create things. It is my hobby, it is my passion, it is a way I create joy for myself. And I’ve been feeling particularly burdensome on my own spirit for not wanting to create more, contribute more, share more, and do more this past week….despite feeling so motivated to do so.

I have to remind my own self to look at the big picture of my existence and the reason for my being here. Maybe these ideas will also help lift the weight off your shoulders as it did my own tonight. 🙂

Here are some questions to ask yourself when taking action for the sake of productivity…

Questions to Ask Ourselves

If we’re not enjoying the process or feeling energized to create and do more, it’s not worth it because the process of creation and productivity should be fun simply because we’re here on Earth to experience joy! And the journey is just as important, if not more so, than reaching the destination.

Simple Joys with Helena Woods

1. Am I having fun? Am I enjoying the process?

2. Would I be doing this if no one was watching? Would I be doing this for free?

3. Am I just trying to reach a destination or am I actually enjoying the journey to getting there?

I hope these thoughts have brought you some ease and peace of mind as they did my own.

Sending you a warm hug on this rainy day in the mountains,


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There is No Purpose to Productivity

December 4, 2020


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