To put it simply, I am fascinated with people. I love finding a connection, a sense of vulnerability and authenticity and humanness in who I am photographing; whether that be a mother, a couple, or a family. When shooting portraits, you really get to know someone and see firsthand what makes them who they are and what lights them up.  Life passes quickly; I want to slow it down for a little while and allow time to stand still so you can remember what it feels like. I believe that children are magic, that they have much to teach us about the world, and that there is always time for play, wonder and curiosity in our lives. My goal is to share stories that elevate the simple joys around us, that bring positivity and light to our human experience. 

I photograph the split-second interactions, glances, and intimate details...the way the light hits your face while holding your first born, the way your daughter tugs at your dress when she wants your attention, the way your husband looks at you surrounded by your little ones, the way your littles speak gibberish but you somehow understand every word.

It’s about a feeling rather than posed, forced photographs. Mothers don’t often get behind the lens and my greatest gift is to give them timeless images of what they’ve created, their family and how beautiful their life is.  It's an honor to be invited into someone's life to photograph moments and deliver those moments for them to keep as family heirlooms, that they will look back on for years and years.

In May 2016, I opened up my boutique children's studio in NYC, uniquely specializing in modern classic family, newborn and children's portraiture. Since then, I've photographed families across Europe and America, begun incorporating couples photography and opened the studio's Signature Session collection line for families looking to design and compliment their home with custom art of their loved ones.

I keep my sessions fun and efficient while observing those honest moments that naturally occur between people. My goal is to create stunning works of art that will stand the test of time, and I personally value quality and attention to detail in this experience, offering my clients exquisite handcrafted albums and matted prints to preserve each custom collection as art for your home.

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 i'm helena...
a storyteller, documenting moments.

To savor and celebrate life. To feel the past, imagine the future and savor the N O W. To live fully and live more. These are stories that reveal who we are in this present moment: our depth, our essence. Photography is about time. 

Why Photography? 

To savor life.

With my approach to photography, I focus on connection, following natural light and documenting those emotive, honest in-between moments.



business MANAGER

he's also my husband! ;)


My right-hand man, Alex is in charge of the administrative side of running the business. From handling the email inbox to organizing and scheduling sessions on the calendar, getting orders out and keeping track of the day-to-day operations of the business, he's the guy running the studio when I am on location shooting, hand editing each image and dreaming for the future.

We are a small but mighty team comprised of me, Helena and my incredible business manager, Alex.

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