To put it simply, I am fascinated with people and with life. I love finding a connection, a sense of vulnerability and authenticity and humanness in who I am photographing or filming. When shooting portraits, you really get to know someone and see firsthand what makes them who they are and what lights them up.  Life passes quickly; I want to slow it down for a little while and allow time to stand still so you can remember what it feels like. I believe that there is always time for play, wonder and curiosity in our lives. My goal is to share stories that elevate the simple joys around us, that bring positivity and light to our human experience. 


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 i'm helena.
a storyteller, documenting moments.

To savor and celebrate life. To feel the past, imagine the future and savor the N O W. To live fully and live more. These are stories that reveal who we are in this present moment: our depth, our essence. To document is to celebrate time. 

but Why document?

To savor life.

With my approach to creativity, I focus on connection, following natural light and documenting those emotive, honest in-between moments.


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& filmmaker

In the summer of 2018, my husband and I moved to France where I began learning more about slow and simple living. In March of 2020, I began documenting my journey on the Simple Joys Youtube channel, where I create cinematic films about what living in France has taught me and what the  French lifestyle can teach us about living well.  

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personal thoughts on living in France, following a simple and value-driven life and following your intuition

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