How to Feel Peace During a Season of Waiting

November 3, 2020

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We all go through different seasons of life: seasons of abundance and harvest, seasons of hardship and turmoil and then we have the most ambiguous life season of all: a season of waiting. 

A season of waiting looks different to everyone. Perhaps it’s as literal as waiting for the first day of university to begin so you can get on with your studies or as waiting for God to bless you with a healthy, strong, and growing baby. 

Even right now during the Covid pandemic, life appears to be moving slowly and unsurely. At this exact moment that I write this, it feels like a season of waiting: we are in the midst of our second home lockdown in France with no clear indication of when normal life will resume….Oh yeah. And the next President of the United States will be chosen…tonight.

The energy of the world feels anxious, and I feel this has us all in a state of limbo and slow, forward-moving momentum. 

But perhaps this season of waiting is more metaphorical and less literal for you, as it is me. Perhaps it’s a season of growing and maturing for you, spiritually, emotionally or mentally. 

The one trend that characterizes a season of waiting is this feeling of being in the in-between.

Half risen, half falling. It’s a feeling of emerging…but not quite there yet. A caterpillar having just finished the arduous journey of crawling, eating, and spinning itself a silky cocoon sits and waits for itself to emerge, clear as day,  as something more glorious than it was before. But will the transformation be certain? 

Naturally, we beings love progress. Desiring growth, expansion and new, new, new are key components to who we are as growth-seeking beings. Because as humans, that is what we continuously are: growth seeking. 

And when life feels stuck and on pause, it can feel unnatural. 

But there is nuance to everything in life, and just as life isn’t black nor white, certainly neither is the season of waiting. This time of slow momentum, of this lack of abundance, feels immensely grey. Often we feel stuck during this season of life because we’re not moving forwards, we’re not progressing but we’re also not moving backward either. It’s murky, clouded. It is the in-between and it often can feel like the most difficult and complicated life season to manage. 

And while I have sat and reflected on this idea of waiting this October…a few realizations and solutions have brought me some clarity, inner peace and a small hint of added joy. I hope it brings you some inner peace as well. 🙂

Here is how to find peace and joy during a season of waiting:

The Solution to Being at Peace During a Season of Waiting

The biggest lesson that embracing a season of waiting has taught me is acceptance.

Unlike a season of abundance and harvest, where giving and sharing externally with others is natural and effortless, a season of waiting is more inwardly focused. It is a time to “be” and not “do.”

We can use this slow season in our lives to allow for more intentional rest.

During these slower times, I enjoy seeking out ways to learn from this period of waiting – what can this teach? how I can grow from this? – and I always vow to leave this season better than where I was before. A season of waiting is a beautiful time to practice being open to receiving lessons and teachings. 

I view this time of pause of nonactivity to prioritize rest, healing and mindfulness. I use this time to connect with friends and loved ones, make time for my passions like letter-writing and other neglected hobbies I’ve put on the backburner.

Most importantly, don’t resist life.

Allow life and its miraculous blessings to continue to happen, even if the season is filled with murky fog, doubt and uncertainty. 

This season is murky because it’s supposed to be, Often the greatest lessons in life come while in the dark. And it’s easy to gravitate towards worry and doubt when you feel stuck and at a loss of control. It’s often near the very edge of this season that we begin to wonder, “will life move on without me?”

After a long period of waiting, the fear of missing out can expand, nearly taking control of our frantic minds! But this is where the real magic appears…..

A season of waiting is a time of ripening

Some of the best things in life come with patient waiting and a period of growth. Pressing into my challenging circumstances and waiting for the waves to pass by can also be motivating and inspiring if we choose to look at it as such!

Sometimes we’re meant to be challenged and strengthened. I don’t believe that the Universe “tests” us (the Universe is pure, energetic vibrations of love; there is no testing) but I do believe that good, perhaps miraculous breakthroughs and transformations, happen during these times. 

If you are persistent, if you just wait it out, the reward feels far more delicious in the end. Because you’ve prepared and planned for it.

And when it does arrive, whatever it is that you are waiting for, you’ll be more prepared and ready to take inspired action. You’ll be ready to give generously.

It’s true that the greatest things in life are worth waiting for. This goes for the ideal partner, the dream job, the perfect chocolate mousse. If you wait patiently, it will feel even more delightful when you receive it.

And magically, when you finally receive it, it always feels exactly, perfectly, right on time. It comes when you are ready when you will most delight and be at ease in having it. I promise you. 

Ask for What You Wish For

This is a very simple piece of advice, but I’m always surprised how many friends don’t often think of it when I bring it up: ask for what you wish for! Seriously, take a moment to vocalize what you desire most right now. Ask your higher self for wisdom, clarity and guidance. 

If you don’t know, pray: they love to help. James 1:5 MSG

I’m not religious but I do rather enjoy this quote. If you need help, ask for it. If you need guidance or even a sign or symbol to continue on during your season of waiting, ask for it. Vocalize your needs and desires! Conjure it up! And trust that the answer will come to you in divine timing. It always does. 

And when your season of plentiful abundance arrives, as it always does after a period of waiting, receive it gratefully. And then express your appreciation! And then thank me later!

I’ve learned that fussing and worrying about when life will gather speed and momentum only tires you out. It deletes you of the energy that you could reserve for your upcoming season of abundance! And in actuality, the timing really doesn’t matter. Be quietly humbled that each and every moment is fleeting. Your time matters. 

But one thing will always remain the same: the world keeps on turning and life will go on. 

I love to share freely and openly during these plentiful seasons. Giving generously, whether that’s baking lots of fresh baked goods to my neighbors in my village or creating a plethora of inspiring video content and photographs, always happens naturally and easily during those vibrant seasons.

Why this Season is My Favorite Time

While it’s frustrating to be stuck at a standstill when what you’d rather be doing is moving forward (!!), I also find this slow time to be perfect for soaking in the simple joys. Unlike an abundant season where noticing the small delights can feel as easy as breathing, during this time of pause it’s beneficial to take note of the small things in your every day that brings you a sense of appreciation. If you need help feeling grateful, read this. 

So, with that said, I encourage you, dear blog reader, to surrender. Throw your hands up! Don’t give up. But take a break and surrender. Let go of the reins and trust that what is meant to be, will be. That what is divinely meant for you will happen at exactly the time it will be of most benefit to you. Allow it. And as you wait for whatever it is you are waiting for, remind yourself to live in each moment, and drink it all in! Soak up where you are, the temperature of the room, the color of the sky, how you feel presently in your heart, the company you keep. And treasure it.

Always remember that time is something we can never get back. So, if you’re in this murky season and you’re itching to move along, remember that this moment, this singular precious moment, is all that exists. Treat it with joyous, tender appreciation. 

As for now, as I sit in my little house overlooking the blue mountains, in my season of waiting, I sit in this feeling now, with a full heart of acceptance. And even some simple joys.

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